The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine has a rich history of research, scholarship and publication, encompassing the case reports and reviews in the early Digests, the more formally presented articles in the College of Osteopathy's first research journal, Osteopathic Medicine, and current publications in some of the medical and pharmacology fields' leading peer-reviewed journals.

The PCOM Scholarly Papers repository is an archive for pre-publication drafts or final versions of research and editorial articles, abstracts, posters, and unpublished work by faculty and scientists at PCOM's Philadelphia and Georgia campuses.


Submissions from 1997

Cytochrome c(y) of Rhodobacter capsulatus is attached to the cytoplasmic membrane by an uncleaved signal sequence-like anchor, H. Myllykallio, Francis E. Jenney Jr., C. R. Moomaw, C. A. Slaughter, and F. Daldal

DGLA discoordinately suppresses IL-1 induced metalloproteinase mRNA levels in human synovial fibroblasts, X. Ni, H. Borghaei, Ruth C. Borghaei, Ruth D. Thornton, E. A. Pease, William Laidlaw, and Eugene Mochan

Hypoxemia and recurrent epistaxis in an 81-year-old woman, Daniel J. Parenti, John P. Simelaro, and Michael Venditto

Splanchnic vascular control during sepsis and endotoxemia., A. D. Sam II, Avadhesh C. Sharma, W. R. Law, and J. L. Ferguson

Sepsis alters myocardial and plasma concentrations of endothelin and nitric oxide in rats, Avadhesh C. Sharma, S. J. Motew, S. Farias, K. J. Alden, H. B. Bosmann, W. R. Law, and J. L. Ferguson

A carboxy-terminal peptide of the α1-subunit of the dihydropyridine receptor inhibits Ca2+-release channels, Kenneth J. Slavik, J. P. Wang, B. Aghdasi, J. Z. Zhang, F. Mandel, N. Malouf, and S. L. Hamilton

Patient treatment choice and compliance: Data from a substance abuse treatment program, Robert C. Sterling, Edward Gottheil, Scott D. Glassman, S. P. Weinstein, and Ronald D. Serota

Specific testicular cellular localization and hormonal regulation of the PKIα and PKIß isoforms of the inhibitor protein of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase, S. M. Van Patten, L. F. Donaldson, Michael P. McGuinness, P. Kumar, A. Alizadeh, M. D. Griswold, and D. A. Walsh

Submissions from 1996

Analysis of Paired Helical Fragments Found in Alzheimer's Disease Using Freeze-Drying/Rotary Shadowing, Denah M. Appelt and Brian J. Balin

Localization of Transglutaminase in Hippocampal Neurons: Implications for Alzeimer's Disease, Denah M. Appelt, G.C. Kopen, L.J. Boyne, and Brian J. Balin

Myosin isoforms show different strokes for different blokes, Robert J. Barsotti, J. A. Dantzig, and Y. E. Goldman

Reliability of performance-based clinical skill assessment of emergency medicine residents, W. P. Burdick, M. F. Ben-David, L. Swisher, John W. Becher Jr., D. Magee, R. McNamara, and M. Zwanger

DSM-IV and internalizing disorders: Modifications, limitations, and utility, S. A. Callahan, Susan Panichelli-Mindel, and P. C. Kendall

Chemical modifcation and inactivation of rat liver arginase by N-bromosuccinimide: Reaction with his141, Farzaneh Daghigh, R. Christoper Cavalli, Dianne R. Soprano, and David E. Ash

Laser photolysis of caged calcium: Rates of calcium release by nitrophenyl-EGTA and DM-nitrophen, G. C. R. Ellis-Davies, J. H. Kaplan, and Robert J. Barsotti

Skeletal Myogenesis: The Preferred Pathway of Chick Embryo Epiblast Cells in Vitro, Mindy George-Weinstein, Jacquelyn Gerhart, Rebecca Reed, Joseph Flynn, Beth Callihan, Michele Mattiacci, Carolyn Miehle, Gerard Foti, James W. Lash, and Harold Weintraub

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Regulation of the Development of Myogenic Precursors of the Chick Embryo, Mindy George-Weinstein, Jacquelyn Gerhart, R. Reed, A. Steinberg, M. Mattiacci, H. Weintraub, and K. Knudsen

Role of endothelin in the cardiovascular effects of diaspirin crosslinked and stroma reduced hemoglobin, A. Gulati, Avadhesh C. Sharma, and G. Singh

The membrane-bound cytochrome cy of Rhodobacter capsulatus can serve as an electron donor to the photosynthetic reaction center of Rhodobacter sphaeroides, Francis E. Jenney Jr., R. C. Prince, and F. Daldal

Reproductive health hazards in the workplace: Guidelines for policy development and implementation, Joseph M. Kaczmarczyk and M. E. Paul

Rhodobacter capsulatus CycH: A bipartite gene product with pleiotropic effects on the biogenesis of structurally different c-type cytochromes, S. E. Lang, Francis E. Jenney Jr., and F. Daldal

Serotonergic modulation of evoked responses in turtle cerebellar Purkinje cells., Huo Lu and L J Larson-Prior

Assessment of coercive and noncoercive pressures to enter drug abuse treatment, D. Marlowe, K. Kirby, L. Bonieskie, D. Glass, L. Dodds, S. .. Husband, J. Platt, and David Festinger

Identification of Phosphorylated Sites in PHF-tau from Patients with Guam Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis/Parkinsonism-Dementia Complex, M. Mawal-Dewan, M.L. Schmidt, Brian J. Balin, D.P. Perl, V. M. Lee, and John. Q. Trojanowski

Metastatic Sertoli cell carcinoma of the testis, M P. Mene, Larry Finkelstein, S. J. Manfrey, and Larry Belkoff

Heat-related deaths in Philadelphia - 1993, H. G. Mirchandani, Gregory McDonald, I. C. Hood, and C. Fonseca

Thoracic Somatic Dysfunction: a Case Report, Alexander S. Nicholas and G. Gross

Immunohistochemical detection of alpha2-adrenoceptor subtypes using subtype-specific antibodies in rabbit intrarenal resistance arteries, C. A. Patel, Mary P. Owen, and Jiang Gu

Immunohistochemical detection of alpha-adrenoceptor subtypes using subtype-specific antibodies in rabbit interlobular arteries, C. A. Patel, Mary P. Owen, and Jiang Gu

Manduca sexta hemolymph ferritin: CDNA sequence and mRNA expression, Daphne Q. Pham, Dianzheng Zhang, David H. Hufnagel, and Joy J. Winzerling

Neuroradiologic MR applications with multiparametric color composite display, W. E. Phillips and H. Keith Brown

Parent and child representations of social relationships: Linkages between families and peers, Virginia Burks Salzer and R. D. Parke

Steroid hormone alterations following induction of chronic intraperitoneal sepsis in male rats, Avadhesh C. Sharma, H. B. Bosmann, S. J. Motew, K. H. Hales, D. B. Hales, and J. L. Ferguson

Effect of Spent Wash Recycling on Fermentation of Corn Mashes, S. K. Soni, Avadhesh C. Sharma, and R. Soni

Overexpression of both RAR and RXR restores AP-1 repression in ovarian adenocarcinoma cells resistant to retinoic acid-dependent growth inhibition, D. R. Soprano, L. X. Chen, S. Wu, A. M. Donigan, Ruth C. Borghaei, and K. J. Soprano

Angiotensin II regulation of intracellular calcium in astroglia cultured from rat hypothalamus and brainstem., Desuo Wang, Jeffrey R. Martens, Philip Posner, Colin Sumners, and Craig H. Gelband

Cellular basis for the negative dromotropic effect of adenosine on rabbit single atrioventricular nodal cells., Desuo Wang, John C. Shryock, and Luiz Belardinelli

Interaction between ryanodine and neomycin binding sites on Ca2+ release channel from skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum, J. P. Wang; D. H, Needleman; A. B. Sheryshev; B. Aghdasi; Kenneth J. Slavik; S. Q. Liu; S. E. Pedersen; and S. L. Hamilton

Submissions from 1995

Modulation of topoisomerase activities by tumor necrosis factor, Z. Baloch, S. Cohen, Kerin L. Fresa, and F. D. Coffman

Loss of adenosine-induced negative inotropic effect in hyperexcited rabbit hearts: Relationship to PKC, C. Cano, Kenneth J. Slavik, and K. U. Malik

Hepatobiliary pruritus: what are effective treatments?, Coyle Connolly, G R Kantor, and H Menduke

Isolation and characterization of mosquito ferritin and cloning of a cDNA that encodes one subunit., Boris Dunkov, Dianzheng Zhang, Kyril Choumarov, Joy Winzerling, and John H. Law

Pretreatment dropout as a function of treatment delay and client variables, David Festinger, R. Lamb, M. Kountz, K. Kirby, and D. Marlowe

Pharmacological Aspects of Substance Abuse, Frederick J. Goldstein

Preemptive analgesia: a research review., Frederick J. Goldstein

Endothelin ETA receptor antagonist, BQ-123, blocks the vasoconstriction induced by sarafotoxin 6b in the heart but not in other vascular beds, A. Gulati, Avadhesh C. Sharma, G. Robbie, and P. R. Saxena

Effect of diaspirin crosslinked and stroma-reduced hemoglobin on mean arterial pressure and endothelin-1 concentration in rats, A. Gulati, G. Singh, S. Rebello, and Avadhesh C. Sharma

Antinociception and σ-1 opioid receptors in the rat spinal cord: Studies with intrathecal 7-benzylidenenaltrexone, D. L. Hammond, Peggy E. Stewart, and L. Littell

Hepatitis mutants of mouse hepatitis virus strain A59, Susan T. Hingley, James L. Gombold, Ehud Lavi, and Susan R. Weiss

Membrane-associated cytochrome c(y) of Rhodobacter capsulatus is an electron carrier from the cytochrome bc1 complex to the cytochrome c oxidase during respiration, A. Hochkoeppler, Francis E. Jenney Jr., S. E. Lang, D. Zannoni, and F. Daldal

Cognitive-behavioral treatments, P. C. Kendall and Susan Panichelli-Mindel

Pharmacology: Drug Therapy and Nursing Considerations, R. T. Malseed, Frederick J. Goldstein, and N. Balkon

Yohimbine modulates diaspirin crosslinked hemoglobin-induced systemic hemodynamics and regional circulatory effects, Avadesh C. Sharma and A. Gulati

Role of NO mechanism in cardiovascular effects of diaspirin cross-linked hemoglobin in anesthetized rats, Avadhesh C. Sharma, G. Singh, and A. Gulati

Estrogen relaxes coronary arteries by opening BKCa channels through a cGMP-dependent mechanism, Richard E. White, David J. Darkow, and Jessica L. Falvo Lang

Submissions from 1994

Localization of the high and low affinity [3H]ryanodine binding sites on the skeletal muscle Ca2+ release channel, C. Callaway, A. Seryshev, J. P. Wang, Kenneth J. Slavik, C. Cantu III, Y. Wu, T. Jayaraman, A. R. Marks, and S. L. Hamilton

Comprehensive geriatric assessment: Applications for community-residing, elderly people with mental retardation/developmental disabilities, W. R. Carlsen, Katherine E. Galluzzi, L. F. Forman, and T. A. Cavalieri

Current issues in the selection and use of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Roundtable discussion., L. M. Cortez, C. Dempsey, John P. Simelaro, and R. Wilson

Inhibition of rat liver arginase by an intermediate in NO biosynthesis, N(G)-hydroxy-L-arginine: Implications for the regulation of nitric oxide biosynthesis by arginase, Farzaneh Daghigh, J. M. Fukoto, and D. E. Ash

TGFbeta1 regulation of collagen metabolism by embryonic palate mesenchymal cells, Marina D'Angelo, Jing-May Chen, Kenneth Ugen, and Robert M. Greene

Medical patients, Robert A. DiTomasso and Karel D. Kovnat

The cognitive theory of anxiety, Arthur Freeman and Robert A. DiTomasso

Maturation of Myogenic and Chondrogenic Cells in the Presomitic Mesoderm of the Chick Embryo, Mindy George-Weinstein, Jacquelyn Gerhart, Gerard J. Foti, and James W. Lash

Identification of peplomer cleavage site mutations arising during persistence of MHV-A59, James L. Gombold, Susan T. Hingley, and Susan R. Weiss

Healing of incisions in the tongue: A comparison of results with milliwatt carbon dioxide laser tissue welding versus suture repair, Charlotte H. Greene, Domenic A. DiBias, Maryanne J. Henderson, Rosemary Fair-Covely, Bryan Dorf, Alex L. Radin, and Wanda L. Young-Seidman

Prazosin blocks the pressor but not the regional circulatory effects of diaspirin crosslinked hemoglobin, A. Gulati and Avadhesh C. Sharma

Effect of stroma-free hemoglobin and diaspirin cross-linked hemoglogbin on the regional circulation and systematic hemodynamics, A. Gulati, Avadhesh C. Sharma, and K. E. Burhop

MHV-A59 fusion mutants are attenuated and display altered hepatotropism, Susan T. Hingley, James L. Gombold, Ehud Lavi, and Susan R. Weiss

Are there two types of diabetic foot ulcers?, R. D. Hoeldtke, K. M. Davis, P. B. Hshieh, S. Gaspar, and Gerald E. Dworkin

Roles of the soluble cytochrome c2 and membrane-associated cytochrome cy of rhodobacter capsulatus in photosynthetic electron transfer, Francis E. Jenney Jr.

Cognitive-behavioral interventions, Philip C. Kendall and Elizabeth A. Gosch

Gaba-B receptors and nociception, S. K. Kulkarni and Avadhesh C. Sharma

Rat anococcygeus: A dynamic smooth muscle preparation for experimental pharmacology, S. K. Kulkarni and Avadhesh C. Sharma

Reversal of diazepam withdrawal induced hyperactivity in mice by BR 16-A (Mentat(R)), a herbal preparation, S. K. Kulkarni and Avadhesh C. Sharma

Activation of skinned trabeculae of the guinea pig induced by laser photolysis of caged ATP, H. Martin and Robert J. Barsotti

Relaxation from rigor of skinned trabeculae of the guinea pig induced by laser photolysis of caged ATP, H. Martin and Robert J. Barsotti

Interactions between Sertoli cells and germ cells in the testis, Michael P. McGuinness and M. P. Griswold

Relationship of a mouse Sertoli cell line (MSC-1) to normal Sertoli cells, Michael P. McGuinness, C. C. Linder, C. R. Morales, L. L. Heckert, J. Pikus, and M. D. Griswold

Fibronectin inhibition of platelet thrombus formation in an in vivo porcine model of vascular injury., D G Moon, Brian Matayoshi, L K Weston, F L Minnear, and J E Kaplan

Molecular cloning and expression of human EP3 receptors: evidence of three variants with differing carboxyl termini, J. W. Regan, T. J. Bailey, J. E. Donello, K. L. Pierce, D. J. Pepperl, Dianzheng Zhang, K. M. Kedzie, C. E. Fairbairn, A. M. Bogardus, and D. F. Woodward

Effect of diaspirin cross-linked hemoglobin and norepinephrine on systemic hemodynamics and regional circulation in rats., Avadesh C. Sharma and A. Gulati

Dopamine receptor mediated antidepressant action of B-HT 920 in mice, Avadesh C. Sharma and S. K. Kulkarni

On the characterization of dopamine-induced contractile response of rat anococcygeus muscle preparation, Avadesh C. Sharma and S. K. Kulkarni

Regional circulatory and systemic hemodynamic effects of diaspirin cross-linked hemoglobin in the rat, Avadesh C. Sharma, S. K. Kulkarni, and A. Gulati

Renal endothelin mechanism in altered thyroid states, G. Singh, Avadhesh C. Sharma, E. B. Thompson, and A. Gulati

σ antagonist and k agonist activity of naltriben: Evidence for differential k interaction with the σ1 and σ2 opioid receptor subtypes, Peggy E. Stewart, E. M. Holper, and D. L. Hammond

Mechanism of the negative inotropic effect of adenosine in guinea pig atrial myocytes., Desuo Wang and Luiz Belardinelli

Submissions from 1993

PC-based multiparameter full-color display for tissue segmentation in MRI of adnexal masses, H. Keith Brown, T. R. Hazelton, A. K. Parsons, J. V. Fiorica, C. G. Berman, and M. L. Silbiger

Characteristics of DNA replication in isolated nuclei initiated by an aprotinin-binding protein, F. D. Coffman, Kerin L. Fresa, M. Hameed, and S. Cohen

In vitro replication of plasmids containing human ribosomal gene sequences: Origin localization and dependence on an aprotinin-binding cytosolic protein, F. D. Coffman, I. Georgoff, Kerin L. Fresa, J. Sylvester, I. Gonzalez, and S. Cohen

In Vitro and in Vivo Expression of Alpha 7 Integrin and Desmin Define the Primary and Secondary Myogenic Lineages, Mindy George-Weinstein, Rachel F. Foster, Jacquelyn Gerhart, and Stephen J. Kaufman

Fusion-defective mutants of mouse hepatitis virus A59 contain a mutation in the spike protein cleavage signal, James L. Gombold, Susan T. Hingley, and Susan R. Weiss

Basic fibroblast growth factor is a testicular germ cell product which may regulate sertoli cell function, I. S. Han, S. R. Sylvester, K. H. Kim, M. E. Schelling, S. Venkateswaran, V. D. Blanckaert, Michael P. McGuinness, and M. D. Griswold

A novel membrane-associated c-type cytochrome, cyt cy, can mediate the photosynthetic growth of Rhodobacter capsulatus and Rhodobacter sphaeroides, Francis E. Jenney Jr. and F. Daldal

GABA receptor mediated anticonvulsant action of Withania somnifera root extract, S. K. Kulkarni, Avadhesh C. Sharma, A. Verma, and M. K. Ticku

Fatal fulminant autoimmune haemolytic anaemia associated with tolmetin use and gastric carcinoma. Case report and literature review, J. R. Larsen and John W. Becher Jr.

Functional characterization of alpha adrenoceptors on rabbit intrarenal arteries in vitro, Mary P. Owen

Similarities and differences in the postjunctional role for neuropeptide Y in sympathetic vasomotor control of large vs. small arteries of rabbit renal and ear vasculature, Mary P. Owen

(±)Baclofen sensitive scopolamine-induced short-term memory deficits in mice, Avadesh C. Sharma and S. K. Kulkarni

Evidence for benzodiazepine receptor interaction with MK 801 in anxiety related behaviour in rats, Avadesh C. Sharma and S. K. Kulkarni