The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine has a rich history of research, scholarship and publication, encompassing the case reports and reviews in the early Digests, the more formally presented articles in the College of Osteopathy's first research journal, Osteopathic Medicine, and current publications in some of the medical and pharmacology fields' leading peer-reviewed journals.

The PCOM Scholarly Papers repository is an archive for pre-publication drafts or final versions of research and editorial articles, abstracts, posters, and unpublished work by faculty and scientists at PCOM's Philadelphia and Georgia campuses.


Submissions from 2004

Rubrerythrin from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus is a rubredoxin-dependent, iron-containing peroxidase, M. V. Weinberg, Francis E. Jenney Jr., X. Cui, and Michael W. Adams

Inhibiting long chain fatty Acyl CoA synthetase increases basal and agonist-stimulated NO synthesis in endothelium, Margaret T. Weiss, Jason L. Crumley, Lindon Young, and John N. Stallone

The Transepithelial Transport of a G-CSF-Transferrin Conjugate in Caco-2 Cells and Its Myelopoietic Effect in BDF1 Mice, Adam Widera, Yun Bai, and Wei-Chiang Shen

Lessons Learned - UME-21 Project, D. L. Wood, D. Babbott, J. M. Pascoe, K. L. Pye, H. K. Rabinowitz, and Kenneth J. Veit

Submissions from 2003

Estradiol relaxes rat aorta via endothelium-dependent and -independent mechanisms, G. Abou-Mohamed, A. Elmorakby, G. O. Carrier, J. D. Catraval, R. W. Caldwell, and Richard E. White

Response to 'does weight gain lead to weight loss?', Christopher S. Adams and J. L. Blank

Mechanisms by which extracellular matrix components induce osteoblast apoptosis, Christopher S. Adams and I. M. Shapiro

Chlamydia pneumoniae in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease, Brian J. Balin PhD, Christine J. Hammond, C. Scott Little PhD, Amanda McIntyre, and Denah M. Appelt

Observation of Fe - H/D modes by nuclear resonant vibrational spectroscopy, U. Bergman, W. Sturhahn, D. E. Linn Jr., Francis E. Jenney, M. W. Adams, K. Rupnik, B. J. Hales, E. E. Alp, A. Mayse, and S. P. Kramer

Mitochondrial Deletions in Normal and Degenerating Rat Retina, Arturo Bravo Nuevo, Neal Williams, Scott Geller, and Jonathan Stone

The Small Bovine Amelogenin LRAP Fails to Rescue the Amelogenin Null Phenotype, E. Chen, Z. Yuan, J. T. Wright, S. P. Hong, Y. Li, P. M. Collier, B. Hall, Marina D'Angelo, S. Decker, and R. Piddington

VEGF expression in forestomach cancer and precancerous lesions in mice and investigation of chemoprophylaxis trail, Qian Chen, X. Lian, W. Zheng, B. Zhou, and X. Wu

Nitric oxide binding at the mononuclear active site of reduced Pyrococcus furiosus superoxide reductase, M. D. Clay, C. A. Cosper, Francis E. Jenney Jr., M. W. Adams, and M. K. Johnson

TBX5 nuclear localization is mediated by dual cooperative intramolecular signals, Anita Collavoli, Cathy J. Hacker, Jie He, Daniel Okin, Rahul Deo, and Craig T. Basson

A prospective trial of treating patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma in late stage by combined hyperfractionated radiotherapy and concurrent chemotherapy, H. Deng, X. Zhang, Qian Chen, and S Han

Peer Rejection and Social Information-Processing Factors in the Development of Aggressive Behavior Problems in Children, K. A. Dodge, J. E. Lansford, Virginia Burks Salzer, J. E. Bates, G. S. Pettit, R. Fontaine, and J. M. Price

Soft tissue techniques, W. C. Ehrenfeuchter, D. Heilig, and Alexander S. Nicholas

Malondialdehyde inhibits cardiac contractile function in ventricular myocytes via a p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase-dependent mechanism, D. V. Folden, A. Gupta, Avadhesh C. Sharma, S. Y. Li, J. T. Saari, and J. Ren

Training needed to dispel negative stereotype of elderly patients, Katherine Galluzzi

Calcineurin is activated in diabetes and is required for glomerular hypertrophy and ECM accumulation, Jennifer L. Gooch, J. L. Barnes, S. Garcia, and H. E. Abboud

Metalloendopeptidase inhibition regulates phosphorylation of p38-mitogen-activated protein kinase and nitric oxide synthase in heart after endotoxemia., A. Gupta and Avadhesh C. Sharma

Modeling development of the epicardium and coronary vasculature: In vitro veritas?, Cathy J. Hatcher and Craig T. Basson

Transcription factor cascades in congenital heart malformation, Cathy J. Hatcher, Nata Diman, Deborah A. McDermott, and Craig T. Basson

Biliary complications after pediatric liver transplantation revisited, Thomas Heffron, Todd Pillen, Gregory Smallwood, D. Redd, and Rene Romero

Pediatric liver transplantation with daclizumab induction therapy, Thomas Heffron, Todd Pillen, Gregory Smallwood, David Welch, Brad Oakley, and Rene Romero

Hepatic artery thrombosis in pediatric liver transplantation, Thomas Heffron, Todd Pillen, David Welch, Gregory Smallwood, Dougg Redd, and Rene Romero

Adult and pediatric liver transplantation for autoimmune hepatitis, Thomas Heffron, Gregory Smallwood, B. Oakley, Todd Pillen, D. Welch, K. Connor, Enrique Martinez, Rene Romero, and A. C. Stieber

Duct-to-duct biliary anastomosis for patients with sclerosing cholangitis undergoing liver transplantation, Thomas Heffron, Gregory Smallwood, T. Ramcharan, Laurel Davis, K. Connor, Enrique Martinez, and A. C. Stieber

Rosuvastatin, a new HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, protects ischemic reperfused myocardium in normocholesterolemic rats, Yasuhiko Ikeda, Lindon Young, and Allan M. Lefer

Adenosine A1 antagonism attenuates atropine-resistant hypoxic bradycardia in rats, J. L. Kaplan, E. Gao, L. De Garavilla, M. Victain, Bohdan M. Minczak, and W. C. Dalsey

Clinical relapses of multiple sclerosis are associated with 'novel' valleys in natural killer cell functional activity, L. F. Kastrukoff, A. Lau, R. Wee, D. Zecchini, Richard E. White, and D. W. Paty

Severity of menopausal symptoms and use of both conventional and complementary/alternative therapies, N. L. Keenan, S. Marks, A. Fugh-Berman, D. Browne, Joseph M. Kaczmarczyk, and C. Hunter

Developmental Biology and Human Evolution, C Owen Lovejoy, Melanie A. McCollum, Philip L. Reno, and Burt A. Rosenman

Cartilage viability after repetitive loading: A preliminary report, E. Luchinetti, Christopher S. Adams, W. E. Horton Jr., and P. A. Torzilli

Chlamydia pneumoniae infection promotes the transmigration of monocytes through human brain endothelial cells, Angela MacIntyre, R. Abramov, Christine J. Hammond, A. P. Hudson, E. J. Arking, C. Scott Little, Denah M. Appelt, and Brian J. Balin

Induction of apoptosis in skeletal tissues: Phosphate-mediated chick chondrocyte apoptosis is calcium dependent, K. Mansfield, B. Pucci, Christopher S. Adams, and I. M. Shapiro

Drug policy by popular referendum: This, too, shall pass, D. Marlowe, A. Elwork, David Festinger, and A. McLellan

Day treatment for cocaine dependence: Incremental utility over outpatient counseling and voucher incentives, D. Marlowe, K. Kirby, David Festinger, E. Merikle, G. Tran, and J. Platt

Carryover Effects of Free Reinforcement on Children's Work Completion, Brian K Martens, Alexandra M Hilt, Laura R Needham, James R Sutterer, Carlos J Panahon, and Amanda L. Lannie

Psychosocial oncology, Arthur M. Nezu, Christine M. Nezu, Stephanie H. Felgoise, and Marni L. Zwick

Project Genesis: Assessing the Efficacy of Problem-Solving Therapy for Distressed Adult Cancer Patients, Arthur M. Nezu, Christine M. Nezu, Kelly S. McClure, Stephanie H. Felgoise, and Peter S. Houts

Presence of Chapman Reflex Points in Hospitalized Patients with Pneumonia, Alexander S. Nicholas

Glycine binding primes NMDA receptor internalization, Yi Nong, Yueqiao Huang, William Ju, Lorraine V. Kalia, Gholamreza Ahmadian, Yu Tian Wang, and Michael W. Salter

Evaluation of propofol infusion syndrome in pediatric intensive care, Mark P. Okamoto, Debra L. Kawaguchi, and Alpesh N. Amin

Sexual Dimorphism in Australopithecus afarensis Was Similar to That of Modern Humans, Philip L. Reno, Richard S Meindl, Melanie A McCollum, and C Owen Lovejoy

An Organ Culture System for the Study of the Nucleus Pulposus: Description of the System and Evaluation of the Cells, M. V. Risbud, M. W. Izzo, Christopher S. Adams, W. W. Arnold, A. S. Hillibrand, E. J. Vresilovic, A. R. Vaccaro, T. J. Albert, and I. M. Shapiro

Peripheral eosinophilia and eosinophilic gastroenteritis after pediatric liver transplantation, Rene Romero, Carlos R. Abramowsky, Todd Pillen, Gregory Smallwood, and Thomas Heffron

The rational-experiential information processing system model: It's implication for cognitive therapy, J. A. Salas-Auvert and Stephanie H. Felgoise

A mediational study of computer attitudes, experience, and training interests among people with severe mental illnesses, M. S. Salzer and Virginia Burks Salzer

Nonresponders of interferon/ribavirin treatment for recurrent hepatitis C following liver transplantation, Gregory Smallwood, L. Davis, K. Connor, Enrique Martinez, A. C. Stieber, and Thomas Heffron

Gelatinase activity in synovial fluid and synovium obtained from healthy and osteoarthritic joints of dogs, Susan W. Volk, Amy S. Kapatkin, Mark E. Haskins, Raquel M. Walton, and Marina D'Angelo

Religiousness is related to quality of life in patients with ALS, Susan M. Walsh, Barbara Bremer, Stephanie S. Felgoise, and Zachary Simmons

Presence of Chapman Reflex Points in Hospitalized Patients With Pneumonia, K. Washington, R. Mosiello, Michael Venditto, John P. Simelaro, P. Coughlin, W. Crow, and Alexander Nicholas

The H4b Minor Histocompatibility Antigen Is Caused by a Combination of Genetically Determined and Posttranslational Modifications, Rajwardhan Yadav, Yoshitaka Yoshimura, Alina Boestenau, Gregory J. Christianson, Wilfred U. Ajayi, Rangaiah Shashidharamurthy, Aleksandar K. Stanic, Derry C. Roopenian, and Sebastian Joyce

Submissions from 2002

Components of extracellular matrix regulate chondrocyte apoptosis, Christopher S. Adams, K. D. Mansfield, R. Rajpurohit, H. Tachibana, C. M. Teixera, and I. M. Shapiro

The fate of the terminally differentiated chondrocyte: Evidence for microenvironmental regulation of chondrocyte apoptosis, Christopher S. Adams and I. M. Shapiro

Superoxide reductase: Fact or fiction?, M. W. Adams, Francis E. Jenney Jr., M. D. Clay, and M. K. Johnson

Paradoxical intention, L. Michael Ascher

Sequential extracts of human bone show differing collagen synthetic rates., J. Babraj, D. J. Cuthbertson, P. Rickhuss, W. Meier-Augenstein, K. Smith, J. Bo, R. R. Wolfe, J. N. Gibson, Christopher S. Adams, and M. J. Rennie


Polarized fluorescence depletion reports orientation distribution and rotational dynamics of muscle cross-bridges, Marcus G. Bell, Robert E. Dale, Uulke A. Van Der Heide, and Yale E. Goldman

The transforming growth factor-β-inducible matrix protein βig-h3 interacts with fibronectin, P. C. Billings, J. Charles Whitbeck, Christopher S. Adams, W. R. Adams, A. J. Cohen, B. N. Engelsberg, P. S. Howard, and J. Rosenbloom

RGD peptides immobilized on a mechanically deformable surface promote osteoblast differentiation, E. A. Cavalcanti-Adam, I. M. Shapiro, R. J. Composto, E. J. Macarak, and Christopher S. Adams

A neutron crystallographic analysis of a rubredoxin mutant, T. Chatake, K. Kurihara, I. Tanaka, M. W. Adams, Francis E. Jenney Jr., I. Tsyba, R. Bau, and N. Niimura

Spectroscopic studies of Pyrococcus furiosus superoxide reductase: Implications for active-site structures and the catalytic mechanism, M. D. Clay, Francis E. Jenney Jr., P. L. Hagedoorn, G. N. George, M. W. Adams, and M. K. Johnson

Resonance Raman characterization of the mononuclear iron active-site vibrations and putative electron transport pathways in Pyrococcus furiosus superoxide reductase, M. D. Clay, Francis E. Jenney Jr., H. J. Noh, P. L. Hagedoorn, M. W. Adams, and M. K. Johnson

Mismatch of School Desks and Chairs by Ethnicity and Grade Level in Middle School, Lance M Cotton, Dennis G O'Connell, Phillip B. Palmer, and Marsha D Rutland

Human gingival fibroblasts produce nitric oxide in response to proinflammatory cytokines, Farzaneh Daghigh, Ruth C. Borghaei, Ruth D. Thornton, and Joseph H. Bee

Anxiety disorders: An overview, Robert A. DiTomasso and Elizabeth A. Gosch

Anxiety disorders: An overview, Robert A. Ditomasso and Elizabeth A. Gosch

Clinical case presentation: The case of Sandra, Robert A. DiTomasso and Elizabeth A. Gosch

Comparative treatments for anxiety disorders, Robert A. DiTomasso and Elizabeth A. Gosch

Comparison of treatment approaches, Robert A. DiTomasso and Elizabeth A. Gosch

Advanced concepts in interventional spine care., Gerald E. Dworkin

Problem-solving approaches to treating anxiety disorders, Stephanie Felgoise, Arthur M. Nezu, and Christine Nezu

From telephone to office: Intake attendance as a function of appointment delay, David Festinger, R. Lamb, D. Marlowe, and K. Kirby

Status hearings in drug court: When more is less and less is more, David Festinger, D. Marlowe, P. Lee, K. Kirby, G. Bovasso, and A. McLellan

Response decision processes and externalizing behavior problems in adolescents, R. G. Fontaine, Virginia Burks Salzer, and K. A. Dodge

Modifying therapeutic homework for patients with personality disorders, A Freeman and Bradley M. Rosenfield

Dreams and the dream image: Using dreams in cognitive therapy, Arthur Freeman and Beverly White

Adjuncts to opioid therapy., Frederick J. Goldstein


STAT6 mediates interleukin-4 growth inhibition in human breast cancer cells, Jennifer L. Gooch, B. Christy, and D. Yee

Sirolimus-based immunosuppresive protocol for calcineurin sparing in liver transplantation, Thomas Heffron, Gregory Smallwood, L. Davis, E. Martinez, and A. C. Stieber

Autoimmune hepatitis following liver transplantation: Relationship to recurrent disease and steroid weaning, Thomas Heffron, Gregory Smallwood, B. Oakley, Todd Pillen, D. Welch, Enrique Martinez, Rene Romero, and A. C. Stieber

Liver transplant induction trial of daclizumab to spare calcineurin inhibition, Thomas Heffron, Gregory Smallwood, Todd Pillen, Laurel Davis, Enrique Martinez, Rene Romero, and A. C. Stieber

The virulence of mouse hepatitis virus strain A59 is not dependent on efficient spike protein cleavage and cell-to-cell fusion, Susan T. Hingley, Isabelle Leparc-Goffart, Suhun Seo, Jean C. Tsai, and Susan R. Weiss

Social adjustment of family members and significant others (FSOs) of drug users, C. Hudson, K. Kirby, M. Firely, David Festinger, and D. Marlowe

Attenuation of neutrophil-mediated myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury by a calpain inhibitor, Yasuhiko Ikeda, Lindon Young, and Allan M. Lefer

Vascular effects of poly-N-acetylglucosamine in isolated rat aortic rings, Yasuhiko Ikeda, Lindon Young, John N. Vournakis, and Allen M. Lefer

Stretch-induced calcium release in smooth muscle, G. Ji, Robert J. Barsotti, M. E. Feldman, and M. I. Kotlikoff

Chlamydia pneumoniae infection alters the junctional complex proteins of human brain microvascular endothelial cells, Angela MacIntyre, Christine J. Hammond, C. Scott Little, Denah M. Appelt, and Brian J. Balin

Sensitivity of Children's Behavior to Probabilistic Reward: Effects of a Decreasing-Ratio Lottery System on Math Performance, Brian K Martens, Scott P Ardoin, Alexandra M Hilt, Amanda L. Lannie, Carlos J Panahon, and Laurie A Wolfe

Student Perceptions about Participation in Community Service in Rural Northern Georgia, Carol A. Miller

Advantages Osteopathic Family Physicians Have in the Treatment of Low Back Pain, Alexander S. Nicholas and N. Oleski

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment for Postoperative Pain, Alexander S. Nicholas and N. Oleski

Prevalence of depressive symptoms in patients being evaluated for liver transplantation, E. R. Norris, Gregory Smallwood, K. Connor, K. McDonell, Enrique Martinez, A. C. Stieber, and Thomas Heffron

Induction of peritoneal sepsis increases the susceptibility of isolated hearts to a calcium paradox-mediated injury, A. Omachi, Avadhesh C. Sharma, K. J. Alden, A. D. Sam, and J. L. Ferguson

Mitochondrial dysfunction due to oxidative mitochondrial DNA damage is reduced through cooperative actions of diverse proteins, Thomas W. O'Rourke, Nicole A. Doudican, Melinda Maris, Paul W. Doetsch, and Gerald S. Shadel

Electrostatic potential surfaces of 5-HT3R agonists suggest accessory cation-p site adjacent to agonist binding domain, Harish S. Parihar and Karen S. Kirschbaum

Use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitors: Indications and complications, Richard A. Pascucci

Matrix regulation of skeletal cell apoptosis II: Role of arg-gly-asp-containing peptides, R. L. Perlot Jr., I. M. Shapiro, K. Mansfield, and Christopher S. Adams