The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine has a rich history of research, scholarship and publication, encompassing the case reports and reviews in the early Digests, the more formally presented articles in the College of Osteopathy's first research journal, Osteopathic Medicine, and current publications in some of the medical and pharmacology fields' leading peer-reviewed journals.

The PCOM Scholarly Papers repository is an archive for pre-publication drafts or final versions of research and editorial articles, abstracts, posters, and unpublished work by faculty and scientists at PCOM's Philadelphia and Georgia campuses.


Submissions from 1993

Involvement of inhibitory dopamine-2 receptors in resting bradycardia in exercise-conditioned rats, Kenneth J. Slavik and J. LaPointe

Naloxone-induced potentiation of cardiac alpha-2 adrenoceptor-mediated depression of neurogenic tachycardia, Kenneth J. Slavik and J. E. Szilagyi

Potassium channel stimulation by natriuretic peptides through cGMP-dependent dephosphorylation, Richard E. White, A. B. Lee, A. D. Shcherbatko, T. M. Lincoln, A. Schonbrunn, and D. L. Armstrong

The Survivors Project, Bruce S. Zahn and Seran E. Schug

Submissions from 1992

Composite and classified color display in MR imaging of the female pelvis, H. Keith Brown, T. R. Hazelton, J. V. Fiorica, A. K. Parsons, L. P. Clarke, and M. L. Silbiger

Tomographic abdominal anatomy with magnetic resonance color composites, H. Keith Brown, T. R. Hazelton, L. M. Putnam, and M. L. Silbiger

Cognitive therapy of personality disorders., A. Freeman, D. D. Davis, and Robert A. DiTomasso

Factors Affecting Drug Response, Frederick J. Goldstein and R. F. Orzechowski

Pharmacodynamics, Frederick J. Goldstein and R. F. Orzechowski

Angiographic magnetic resonance color composites of the normal brain and its vasculature, T. R. Hazelton and H. Keith Brown

Autonomic surface potential analysis: Assessment of reproducibility and sensitivity, R. D. Hoeldtke, K. M. Davis, P. B. Hshieh, S. Gaspar, and Gerald E. Dworkin

Crystallization and oligomeric structure of rat liver arginase, Zoltan F. Kanyo, Cheau-Yun Chen, Farzaneh Daghigh, David E. Ash, and David W. Christianson

Cw holmium for medical applications: a preliminary study, Ronald A. Kirschner, Domenic DiBias, Charlotte H. Greene, Eric Brown, Corneliu Dimitriu, Alexander C. Keszeli, and Andrew Kirschner

Recent trends in information storage mechanisms, S. K. Kulkarni and Avadhesh C. Sharma

Benign Metastasizing Leiomyoma A Case Report and Review of the Literature, Daniel Parenti, T. F. Morley, and J. C. Giudice

Evaluation of learning and memory mechanisms employing elevated plus-maze in rats and mice, Avadesh C. Sharma and S. K. Kulkarni

Naloxone-induced bradycardia in pithed rats: Evidence for an interaction with the peripheral sympathetic nervous system and alpha-2 adrenoceptors, Kenneth J. Slavik and J. E. Szilagyi

Therapeutic considerations: Lower respiratory tract infections in smokers, Michael A. Venditto

Differential Morphologic and Metabolic Alterations in Permissive Versus Nonpermissive Murine Macrophages Infected with Legionella Pneumophila, Yoshimasa Yamamoto, Thomas W. Klein, H. Keith Brown, and Herman Friedman

Submissions from 1991

Neurofilament Assembly in vitro: Biochemical, morphological and Immunoelectron Microscopic Studies Employing Monoclonal Antibodies to Defined Epitopes, Brian J. Balin, Edwin A. Clark, John Q. Trojanowski, and Virginia M.-Y. Lee

Individual Neurofilament Subunits Reassembled in vitro Exhibit Unique Biochemical, Morphological and Immunological Properties, Brian J. Balin and Virginia M.-Y. Lee

Uterine junctional zone: Correlation between histologic findings and MR imaging, H. Keith Brown

Generation of Color Composites for Enhanced Tissue Differentiation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain, H. Keith Brown, T R Hazelton, and M L Silbiger

Initiation of lymphocyte DNA synthesis, F. D. Coffman, Kerin L. Fresa, and S. Cohen

Control of DNA replication in a transformed lymphoid cell line: Coexistence of activator and inhibitor activities, F. D. Coffman, Kerin L. Fresa, I. Oglesby, and S. Cohen

Transforming growth factor-ß modulation of glycosaminoglycan production by mesenchymal cells of the developing murine secondary palate, Marina D'Angelo and Robert M. Greene

Airway foreign bodies: A diagnostic challenge, C. J. Di Marco, Theodore P. Mauer, and R. N. Reinhard

The development of a patient satisfaction questionnaire in the ambulatory setting, Robert A. DiTomasso and M. A. Willard

Early detection of stage A prostate carcinoma: Combined use of prostate- specific antigen and transrectal ultrasonography, R. L. Fiorelli, R. L. Klaus, S. J. Manfrey, Laurence Belkoff, and Larry Finkelstein

Immunodetection of the transforming growth factors ß1 and ß2 in the developing murine palate, A. L. Gehris, Marina D'Angelo, and Robert M. Greene

In Vitro Development of Precursor Cells in the Myogenic Lineage, Stephen J. Kaufman, Mindy George-Weinstein, and Rachel F. Foster

Interferon-gamma Induced Resistance to Legionella Pneumophila in Susceptible A/J Mouse Macrophages., T W Klein, Y Yamamoto, H. Keith Brown, and H Friedman

Emergency intubation for paralysis of the uncooperative trauma patient, J. Kuchinski, G. Tinkoff, M. Rhodes, and John W. Becher Jr.

Elevated plus-maze: A novel psychobehavioral tool to measure anxiety in rodents, S. K. Kulkarni and Avadhesh C. Sharma

A method for maintaining and protecting chronic arterial and venous catheters in conscious rats, S. Z. Kurowski, Kenneth J. Slavik, and J. E. Szilagyi

Interaction of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol with herpesviruses and cultural conditions associated with drug-induced anti-cellular effects, G. Lancz, S. Specter, and H. Keith Brown

Suppressive effect of σ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol on herpes simplex virus infectivity in vitro, G. Lancz, S. Specter, and H. Keith Brown

A68: a Major Subunit of Paired Helical Filaments and Derivatized Forms of Normal Tau, Virginia M. Lee, Brian J. Balin, L Otvos Jr., and John Q. Trojanowski

Transforming growth factor-ß receptor profiles of human and murine embryonic palate mesenchymal cells, Kersti K. Linask, Marina D'Angelo, Amy Gehris, and Robert M. Greene

Antibody Labling of Bovine Neurofilaments: Implications on the Structure of Neurofilament Sidearms, Lizanne Mulligan, Brian J. Balin, Virginia M.-Y. Lee, and Wallace Ip

Somatic component to myocardial infarction: Three year follow up, Alexander S. Nicholas, Domenic A. DiBias, and Charlotte H. Greene

Effects of MK-801 and ketamine on short-term memory deficits in passive avoidance step-down task paradigm in mice, Avadesh C. Sharma and S. K. Kulkarni

MK-801 produces antianxiety effect in elevated plus-maze in mice, Avadesh C. Sharma and S. K. Kulkarni

Effect of NMDA-receptor ligands on neocortical and hippocampal EEG activity of rat brain, Avadesh C. Sharma, S. K. Kulkarni, and U. Nayar

Dizocilpine, ketamine and ethanol reverse NMDA-induced EEG changes and convulsions in rats and mice, Avadesh C. Sharma, S. N. Thorat, U. Nayar, and S. K. Kulkarni

Somatostatin stimulates Ca2+-activated K+ channels through protein dephosphorylation, Richard E. White, Agnes Schonbrunn, and David L. Armstrong

Submissions from 1990

Induction of a cytoplasmic activator of DNA synthesis in lymphocytes is mediated through a membrane-associated protein kinase, M V. Autieri, Kerin L. Fresa, F. D. Coffman, M. E. Katz, and S. Cohen

Induction of a cytoplasmic activator of DNA synthesis in lymphocytes is mediated through a membrane-associated protein kinase., M. V. Autieri, Kerin L. Fresa, F. D. Coffman, M. E. Katz, and S. Cohen

The behavioral treatment of essential hypertension: Implications for medical psychotherapy, Robert A. DiTomasso and Orlando F. Mills

Rehabilitation of the acutely injured hand, Gerald E. Dworkin and J. Spears

Priapism associated with intranasal cocaine abuse, R. L. Fiorelli, S. J. Manfrey, Laurence Belkoff, and Larry Finkelstein

Effect of Chronic Antidepressant Administration upon Opioid Analgesia, Frederick J. Goldstein

Effects of chronic clomipramine on central DADLE antinociception, Frederick J. Goldstein, R. T. Malseed, and J. F. Nutz

The effect of helium-neon laser and osteopathic manipulation on soft-tissue trigger points, Charlotte H. Greene, Domenic A. DiBias, D. Helig, Alexander S. Nicholas, K. England, W. Ehrenfeuchter, and Wanda L. Young

Selecting and using early childhood rating scales, George McCloskey

Pericardial effects on diastolic ventricular interaction during development, Bohdan M. Minczak, M. R. Wolfson, W. P. Santamore, and T. H. Shaffer

Methyldopa-induced hemolytic anemia in a 15 year old presenting as near-syncope, J. S. Naidorf, J. M. Kennedy, and John W. Becher Jr.

Evidence for GABA-BZ receptor modulation in short-term memory passive avoidance task paradigm in mice, Avadesh C. Sharma and S. K. Kulkarni

A cytoplasmic activator of DNA replication is involved in signal transduction in antigen-specific T cell lines, R. L. Wong, R. B. Clark, J. Gutowski, M. E. Katz, Kerin L. Fresa, and S. Cohen

Submissions from 1989

Paradoxical intention: Its clarification and emergence as a conventional behavioral procedure, L. Michael Ascher

Triggering Terminal Myogenic Differentiation, D. Boettiger, Mindy George-Weinstein, and A. S. Menko

Coping styles, paradox, and the cold pressor task, J. S. Efran, R. L. Chorney, L. Michael Ascher, and M. D. Lukens

Intracellular mechanisms of lymphoid cell activation, Kerin L. Fresa, M. Hameed, and S. Cohen

In Vitro Assays of Cell Adhesion: Application To Teratogenicity Testing, Mindy George-Weinstein

School psychology applied to business, Patti L. Harrison and George McCloskey

Ciliostatic factors from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Action on respiratory cilia, Susan T. Hingley, A. T. Hastie, Friedrich Kueppers, M. Higgins, and G. Weinbaum

Effect of the somatostatin analogue SMS-201-995 on the adrenergic response to glucose ingestion in patients with postprandial hypotension, R. D. Hoeldtke, Gerald E. Dworkin, S. Gaspar, and B. C. Israel

Sympathotonic orthostatic hypotension: A report of four cases, R. D. Hoeldtke, Gerald E. Dworkin, S. Gaspar, and B. C. Israel

Fibrosarcoma of the nose and the paranasal sinuses, J. Olekszyk, V. Siliunas, Theodore P. Mauer, and R. Biondi

Adrenergic control of intrarenal arteries of rabbits, Mary P. Owen, M. C. Taphorn, and J. G. Walmsley

Anomalous origin of the left coronary artery, E. Placentra, Bruce Kornberg, and A. D'Alonzo

Intraabdominal adhesions: Intraoperative US, F. J. Suslavitch, N. A. Turner, P. S. King, and H. Keith Brown

Diagnosis and management of ventricular dysphonia, C. P. Von Hake, I. Ganzman, and Theodore P. Mauer

Submissions from 1988

Transcytosis of Protein through the Mammalian Cerebral Epithelium and Endothelium. I. Chorioid Plexus and the Blood-cerebrospinal Fluid Barrier, Brian J. Balin and Richard D. Broadwell

Combined transurethral electroresection and neodymium:YAG laser therapy for obstructing prostatism, Laurence Belkoff and Larry Finkelstein

Transcytotic Pathway for Blood-borne Protein Through the Blood-brain Barrier, Richard D. Broadwell, Brian J. Balin, and Michael Salcman

Teacher and observer ratings of children's social skills: Validation of the Social Skills Rating Scales, Stephen N. Elliott, Frank M. Gresham, Terry Freeman, and George McCloskey

Combinations of Monoclonal Antibodies Distinguish Mesenchymal, Myogenic, and Chondrogenic Precursors of the Developing Chick Embryo, Mindy George-Weinstein, Cindy Decker, and Alan Horwitz

Alternate technique for cul-de-sac insufflation for laparoscopy, Joseph M. Kaczmarczyk

Opioid-monoamine interactions in spinal antinociception: evidence for serotonin but not norepinephrine reciprocity, D. E. Kellstein, R. T. Malseed, and Frederick J. Goldstein

Effect of chronic treatment with tricyclic antidepressants upon antinociception induced by intrathecal injection of morphine and monoamines, D. E. Kellstein, R. T. Malseed, M. H. Ossipov, and Frederick J. Goldstein

Infectious disorders of the parotid gland., David H. Loughran and L G Smith

Developmental changes in diastolic ventricular interaction, Bohdan M. Minczak, M. R. Wolfson, W. P. Santamore, and T. H. Shaffer

Effects of intracellular free magnesium on calcium current in isolated cardiac myocytes, Richard E. White and H. C. Hartzell

Submissions from 1987

Lectin-Labeled Membrane is Transferred to the Golgi Complex in Mouse Pituitary Cells in vivo, Brian J. Balin and Richard D. Broadwell

Tubular Profiles do not form Transendothelial Channels through the Blood-brain Barrier, Brian J. Balin, Richard D. Broadwell, and Michael Salcman

Angioarchitecture of the CNS, Pituitary Gland, and Intracerebral Grafts Revealed with Peroxidase Cytochemistry, Richard D. Broadwell, Brian J. Balin, Harry M. Charlton, and Michael Salcman

Use of external muscle stimulation in a patient with unipolar DDD pacemaker, Gerald E. Dworkin, K. Vollision, and G. Herbison

The effect of rhamnolipid hemolysin of Pseudomonas aeruginosa on respiratory epithelium., Annette T. Hastie, Susan T. Hingley, M. L. Higgins, and Friedrich Kueppers

Isolation of Virio alginolyticus from a patient with chronic otitis media: Report of case and review of biochemical activity, J. J. Hasyn, Theodore P. Mauer, R. Warner, and C. Von Hake

Captopril therapy in heart failure, Bruce Kornberg

Burk's Behavior Rating Scales, George McCloskey

Denver Developmental Screening Test, George McCloskey

Hiske-Nebraska Test of Learning Aptitude, George McCloskey

Leiter International Performance Scale, George McCloskey

Test of Language Development, George McCloskey

Wide Range Achievement Test-Revised, George McCloskey

A somatic component to myocardial infarction, Alexander S. Nicholas, Domenic A. DiBias, W. Ehrenfeuchter, K. M. England, R. W. England, Charlotte H. Greene, D. Heilig, and M. Kirschbaum

Sources of activator calcium for extrinsic vascular tone and nimodipine inhibition of that tone in proximal vs. distal rabbit ear arteries, Mary P. Owen, E. H. Joyce, and J. A. Bevan

Cardiac involvement in polymyositis: Report of case and review of literature, D. W. Rhodes and Richard A. Pascucci