Submissions from 2018

Cranioplasty Using a Mixture of Biologic and Nonbiologic Agents, Demetri Arnaoutakis, Arash Bahrami, and Jason E. Cohn

Identifying Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Prior to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Who Is at Risk for Intolerance?, Jason E. Cohn, Michael Pfeiffer, Niki Patel, Robert T. Sataloff, and Brian J. McKinnon

Complete Resolution of Guttate Psoriasis after Tonsillectomy, Jason E. Cohn, Michael Pfeiffer, and Gerard Vernose

Eagle Syndrome, Jason E. Cohn and Joshua Scarf


Management of Enophthalmos from Silent Sinus Syndrome with a Customized Orbital Implant, Jason E. Cohn, Mofiyinfolu Sokoya, Mohammad Hararah, Sameep Kadakia, and Yadranko Ducic

Castleman Disease, Jason E. Cohn, Jing Zhou, and Amanda Hu

Treatment of an Obstructive, Recurrent, Syncytial Myoepithelioma of the Trachea with Tracheal Resection and Reconstruction, Michael Pfeiffer, Jason E. Cohn, Judy Mae Pascasio, and Sri K. Chennupati

Botulinum Toxin Injections Into the Lateral Cricoarytenoid Muscles for Vocal Process Granuloma, Quang Pham, R Campbell, Jillian Mattioni, and R Sataloff

The Radial Forearm Free Flap for Scalp and Forehead Reconstruction: A 20 Year Experience, Mofiyinfolu Sokoya, Arash Bahrami, Jason Cohn, Raja Sahwney, Scott Kohlert, and Yadranko Ducic

Preoperative Radiation and Complication Rates after Double Free Flap Reconstruction of Head and Neck Cancer, Mofiyinfolu Sokoya, Arash Bahrami, Aurora Vincent, Sameep Kadakia, Jared Inman, Masoud Saman, and Yadranko Ducic


Holmium Laser for Endoscopic Treatment of Benign Tracheal Stenosis, D J. Verret, Arneya Jategaonkar, Samuel Helman, Sameep Kadakia, Arash Bahrami, Eli Gordin, and Yadranko Ducic