Theses/Dissertations from 2017


Reduction of Opioid Medication Use in Chronic Pain Patients by Adding Memantine: A Pilot Study, Adam J. Bertino

Reelin Signaling in Coronary Vasculogenesis, Alex Bueker

Anti-Cancer Effect of Fluorinated Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester in Human Multiple Myeloma Cells, Elizabeth Hernandez Marin

The Role of Lipocalin-2 (Lcn2) in Acetaminophen-Induced Acute Liver Failure, Christina Paul


Novel Anti-Obesity Effects of Beer Hops Compound Xanthohumol: Role of Ampk Signaling Pathway, Janaiya S Samuels

Analysis of the Effects of Tgf-β Mediated Reduction of Caveolin-1 Expression Following Fibroblast Interaction with a Biological Extracellular Matrix, Shelby Sweat


The Role of NADPH Oxidase Isoform 1 (NOX1) in L-NAME-Induced Leukocyte-Endothelial Interactions in Rat Mesenteric Postcapillary Venules, Alita Zabrecky

Theses/Dissertations from 2016

The Multifaceted Effects of Guggulsterone as an Anti-Obesity Agent, Yusra Azhar

Potential Therapeutic Efficacy of a Novel Metalloproteinase Inhibitor, Extracellular Matrix Protection Factor 1, in Human Osteoarthritic Chondrocyte Primary Cultures, Andrea Buckley

Estrogen Regulation of Cell Adhesion Molecules, Affecting Monocyte and Endothelial Cell Interactions, Nikole Marie Czapp

Determining the Efficacy of Antibiotic Stewardship Programs in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area: The Need to Identify Quantifiable Measures for Success, Sueaen Q. Daly

The Potential for Ruthenium-Substituted Rebredoxin with Attached Tumor-Homing Peptide NGR as a Selective Cancer Therapeutic Drug, Alexandra Hill

Osteogenic Factors: Novel Targets to Attenuate Excessive Bone Degradation during Autoimmune Arthritis, Lauren Z. Holland

Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and Chlamydia Pneumoniae Infection of Astrocytes: The Effects of Co-Infection on Pathogen Replication, Syed Rasikh Ali Jaffery


The Relationship of Chlamydia antigen, AD-Like Pathology, and Inflammation in the Brains of Intranasally Infected BALB/c Mice, Brittany L. Kane


Investigating the Roles of Zinc-Binding Protein (ZBP-89) and Rela (NFkB-p65) in the Regulation of Matrix Metalloproteinase 1 (MMP1) Gene Expression, Nelly Khaselev

Reelin Signaling in Cardiovascular Development, Dongwook Kim

The Implications of CsA Treatment on Renal Fibrosis: An Examination of in vivo and in vitro miR and mRNA Changes Affecting the TGFB Pathway, Clayton Maxwell King


Effects of NOX-1 Inhibition on Real-Time Blood Nitric Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide in Acute Hyperglycemia, Ashley Mawhinney

Generation of Stable, Long-Term Cultures of Experimentally Induced Myofibroblasts from Co-Cultures of Human Mammary Fibroblasts with Breast Cancer Cells, Brittany Melvin

BKCa Channel Expression and Functional Regulation In Type 1 Diabetic Human Pulmonary Artery Smooth Muscle Cells, Brigitte M. Meyers


Mass Culturing Soil Bacteria from Radium Springs and Analysis of Antibiotic Activity, Amanda Nguyen

Determining the Effect of Targeting Androgen Receptor Acetylation in Prostate Cancer, Victoria Nolte

Phytochemical Induced Polarization of Macrophages: Implications on Obesity, Ashish Parmar

Inclusion of a New Class of MMP-Inhibitor, Extracellular Matrix Protection Factor 2 (ECPF-2), Contributes to a Stronger, More Durable Composite Dental Restoration, David Persky

Protaglandin EP2 Receptor Antagonism: a Novel Approach to Attenuate/Prevent the Inflammation during Auto-Inflammatory Disorders, Austin C. Russell


Effects of Hormonal Withdrawal on Prostate Cancer Progression, Jacqueline Chakrya So

Loss of Stromal Caveolin-! Expression and Introduction of Exogenous Biofactors Alters ECM Protein Composition and Ductal Formation in Murine Mammary Glands, Christopher M. Thompson

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment for Infants in the NICU: A Systematic Review, Hunter Jaclyn Wernick

The Effects of Estrogen on Endothelial Dysfunction in Diabetes, Jessica Winkler

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Function of Long-Term Depression in Purkinje Cells to Regulate Excitability to a New Equilibrium, Gulsedef Arslan


Use of Swine Small Intestine Submucosa as a Dermal Suture, Paige E. Black

The Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids & Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate on Transcription of Genes Involved in Arginine Metabolism, Vamsee K. Duggirala

The Mediation of Insulin on Combined Effects of Fetal Astrocytic Hypoxia and Zinc, Dakita Mack

The Effect of Varying Ratios of Vancomycin and Tetracycline, and Possible Antibiotic Interaction, on the Colonization of Titanium Alloy by S. aureus and E. coli, Zachary Milano

Combinatorial Effects of a NADPH Oxidase Peptide Inhibitor and a Mitochondrial Targeted Peptide Antioxidant in Treatment of Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion (MI/R) Injury, Harsh Patel

Stress, Inflammation, Cancer and Dementia; CDDO and Curcumin as Therapeutic Agents, Peter Pham


Do Predictive Factors for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Elucidate the Variable Prevalence Rates Between National Guard/Reserve Soldiers and Active Duty Soldiers?, Shannon Marie Philipps

Measuring the Effects of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment on Range of Motion in Subjects with Postural Asymmetries in the Posterior View: A Potential Implication for People with Lateral Spinal Curvatures, Katherine A. Porpora


Are New Sodium Targets in the National School Lunch Program Feasible and Are They Necessary?, Yaneve Shemesh

Associations between First Year Medical Students' Lifestyles, Resting Blood Pressure, and Resting ECGs, Christina Marie Spino


MDIVI-1, A Mitochondrial Division Inhibitor, Exerts Cardioprotective Effects in Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion (MI/R) when Given at Reperfusion, Devon P. Stutzman

Covalent Attachment of Antibiotics to Bone Allograft, Nickolas Swisher

The Influence of Matrix Stiffness on Acquisition of a Myofibroblast Phenotype in 3D Encapsulated Human Mammary Fibroblasts, Catlyn Thigpen


Enhanced cGMP-Dependent Signaling in Astrocytes: Novel Therapeutic Target in Alzheimer's Disease, Nyema M. Woart


The Influence of Matrix Stiffness on Extracellular Matrix Protein Expression in 3D Encapsulated Mammary Fibroblasts, Kathryn Woods

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSC) Harvested from Lipoaspirate Differentiate into Chondrocytes and Osteoblasts, Dimitry Belogorodsky

Evaluating Methods to Lessen Ischemic Reperfusion Injury by Testing the Effects in vitro of Pyrococcus Furiosus Superoxide Reductase in Reducing Oxidative Damage in Superoxide Exposed Cells, Courtland Blount

Assessing Effectiveness of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment on Lateral Spinal Curvatures Using 2D Morphometrics, Michael J. Bova

Mechanism Involved in Testosterone Modulation of Myogenic Tone in Microvessels of the Rat Mesenteric Arterial Bed, Megan N. Burleson

Combinatorial Effects of Apocynin (apo) and Mitoquinone (mitoQ) in Treatment of Myocardia Ischemia/Reperfusion (MI/R) Injury, William Chau


Characterization of Lipid-Anchored Inhibitor Rulers as a Measure of Enzyme Topography in Coagulation Enzyme Factor Xa, Robin C. Conley


The Effects of Dihydrobiopterin and Tetrahydrobiopterin on Hydrogen Peroxide and Nitric Oxide Release During Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL), Brittany Deiling

Use of Pyrococcus Furiosus Rubredoxin as a Potential Targeted Cancer Therapeutic, Danielle Elise Frieson


An Analysis of Abnormal Electrocardiograms in First and Second Year Medical School Students, Molly Anne Kalish


Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) and Reduction of NSAID Use in Low Back Pain: A Pilot Study, Kristopher Kelly

Effectiveness of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment and/or Patient-Directed Self Care in Managing Tension Headaches, Thomas Matthew Lettich

Potential Anti-Dementia Chemicals: Preventing APOE and NF-kB Release in Astrocyte Culture, Kingsley Njoku


Effect of Tumor Necrosis Factorα on Expression of Heme-Oxgenase1 in Human Gingival Fibroblasts, Jay Patel


Effect of Heme Oxygenase-1 on Matrix Metalloproteinase-3 Expression in Human Fibroblasts, Theresa A. Stangl

Microscopic Analysis of Two Glands Involved in Osmoregulation in Elasmobranchs: The Rectal Salt and Interrenal Glands of Dasyatis sabina, Tomeka F. Taylor


Cyclic Nucleotide-Dependent Phosphorylation Regulates BK-Ca Channel Activity in Human Coronary Artery Smooth Muscle Cells, Raeonda Williams


Chemopreventive Effects of Pterostilbene in Metastatic Prostate Cancer Cells, Phillip A. Zook

Theses/Dissertations from 2013


The Effect of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) Incorporation into Swine Intestinal Submucosa (SIS) Suture Material on the Healing Process in Gastrocnemius Muscle, Nicole K. Alexander


Regulation of Alpha Synuclein Following Chronic Methamphetamine Administration in Guinea Pigs: Correlation with Memory and Synaptic Plasticity, Adnouse Blanc

Testosterone Modulation of Myogenic Tone in Rat Isolated Mesenteric Resistance Microvessels, Zicole S. Browne

Investigation of Mouse Hepatitis Virus Entry Using Small Interfering RNA Technology, Kristina A. Cade

Chlamydia pneumoniae Infection of Neuronal Cells Induces Changes in Calcium-Associated Gene Expression Consistent with Alzheimer's Disease, Christopher Andrew Cappellini


Molecular Mechanisms Related to Endotoxemia in Primary Human Cardiomyocytes in Culture, Atijah J. Collins

Development of Isoleucine Prodrugs of Cytarabine, Anthony L. Cooper Jr.

The Role of Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-β) in the Extracellular Matrix Degradation Characteristic of Post-Traumatic Osteoarthritis, Courtney Kristen Docherty

Estrogen Effect on Manganese-Induced Astrocytic Toxicity, Tyler Huynh


Comparison of Electrogustometrically Determined Taste Threshold and Phenylthiocarbamide Sensitivity between Non-Diabetic Subjects with First Degree Relatives with Type 2 Diabetes and Non-Diabetic Subjects without Type 2 Diabetic First Degree Relatives, Matthew E. Joseph DO


Nutri One-on-One: The Assessment and Evaluation of a Single One-on-One Nutritional Coaching in Patients Affected by Metabolic Syndrome, Jennifer L. King

Mechanisms of Mouse Hepatitis Entry into Cells, Philip J. Koehler

The Effects of Modulating Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity and Coupling in Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy, Alexandra C. Lopez

Apoptotic Sensitivity in Osteoblasts is Maturation Specific, Dominick V. Mastracco


Clinical Research Challenges: Insight from a Pilot Study at an Academic Healthcare Center, Gretchen E. Maurer


Cardioprotective Effects of Mitochondrial-Targeted Antioxidants in Myocardial Ischemia/Reperfusion (I/R) Injury, Regina Ondrasik

Autophagy Associated Gene Expression and Protein Levels in Neuronal Cells Infected with Herpes Simplex Virus Type One and Chlamydia Pneumoniae May Suggest Infection-Induced Mechanisms of Alzheimer's Disease, Joshua R. Sabatine

Detection of Chlamydia Pneumoniae in Blood Samples: A Diagnostic Screen for Alzheimer Disease, Lauren Elise Semler


Resveratrol Induced Apoptosis in a Human Adenosquamous Carcinoma Cell Line (CAL-27 Cells), Saquib A. Siddiqi

Effect of Nicotine on IL-1 Induced MMP-3 Expression: Role of a Polymorphic Promoter Element, Cynthia Uche

IMP2 Expression in the Mouse Nervous System, Victoria Vlada Vinarsky

A Statistical Test to Assess Tissue Characterization of Abdominal Organs By Color-Fusion MRI, Terrance Darnell Weeden

Detection of Chlamydia Muridarum Antigen and AD-Like Pathology in the Brain Tissue of Intranasally Infected BALB/c Mice, Lindsey Victoria Weidmann

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Analysis of Inflammasome Gene Regulation Following Chlamydia pneumoniae Infection of THPl Monocytes: Implications for Alzheimer's Disease, Jonathan M. Anzmann

Attachment of Two Antibiotics to a Titanium Alloy Surface to Inhibit Colonization by Gram-positive and Gram-negative Bacteria, Holly Brizell


The Effect of Mechanical Force on Gene Expression of Human Bladder Smooth Muscle Cells, Christopher A. Callan


Characterization of a Hyperthermophilic Redox Protein, Rubredoxin, as a Potential Targeted Cancer Therapeutic, Siri Lakshmi Chirumamilla

The Expression of IMP2 within the Mouse Nervous System, Sarah E. Chmielewski


Evaluation of a Surgical Intervention to Experimentally Compare CO2 Laser to Scalpel Incisions, Added Growth Factor, and Suture Material to Reduce Cutaneous Scarring, Rhian E. Davies

Maturation Specific Sensitivity of Osteocytes to Calcium and Phosphate Ion Pair-Induced Apoptosis, Matthew P. Debo

Maturation of Osteoblast-like Cells Sensitizes Them to Calcium and Ion Pair-Induced Apoptosis, Angela Genoese

The Effect of Resveratrol on Manganese Toxicity in Astrocytes, DeAngelo A. Harris

Modulation of Myogenic Tone in Rat Mesenteric Resistance Arteries, Mary F. Keith

The Effects of Modulating eNOS Activity and Coupling on Leukocyte-Endothelial Interactions in Rat Mesenteric Postcapilary Venules, Amber N. Koon


Correlation of In-vitro Drug Dissolution and In-vivo Drug Absorption of Various Therapeutically Equivalent Pharmaceutical Solid Dosage Forms of Simvastatin, Aphrodite Kotrotsios

The Human Pathogen Clostridium Difficile: A Look at a Putative Glyoxalase Involved in Protection from Oxidative Stress, Tashinea Lee

Infection of Neuronal Cells with HSV-1 Alters Expression of Genes Associated with Autophagy and Apoptosis: Possible Mechanisms of Alzheimer's Disease-like Neurodegeneration, Alexis M. Mark