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Publication Date


Community Partner

SHARE Food Program

Community Preceptors

Steveanna Wynn, SHARE

Academic Preceptors

Brittany Watson; Diane Butera; James D. Plumb; Pat Anthony Lannutti; Rickie Brawer; Stacy B. Ellen


Philadelphia, PA


Food Safety, Heart Disease and Stroke, Nutrition and Weight Status, Older Adults, Social Determinants of Health


Project Goals and Objectives

  • Managed and organized volunteer groups to make boxes and renovate warehouse
  • Researched and developed illness-specific food packages
  • Created nutrition and exercise advisory sheets for management of certain diseases
  • Learned about vertical farming and hydroponics to help facilitate innovative adaptations to Nice Roots Farm

Personal Statements

“Our aspirations for this program aligned with the mission statement of SHARE to promote healthy living, create a better sense of community, as well as integrate ourselves into the environment of overcoming hunger.”

“During our tenure, we conducted various projects and aided in daily warehouse activities. While we may have helped for a summer, the impact our experiences at SHARE will have on our professional development will last a lifetime.”

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