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Publication Date


Community Partner

Journey's Way

Community Preceptors

Rebecca Kochman, Journey’s Way; Mark Weber, Journey’s Way

Academic Preceptors

Dr. Lannutti, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine


Philadelphia, PA


Cardiovascular Health, Oral Health, Computer Literacy, Mental Health, Physical Fitness and Activity, Cultural Literacy


Project Goals and Objectives

  • To educate the elderly on heart health
  • To educate elderly on oral health
  • To educate the elderly on different cultures
  • To educate the elderly on computer literacy skills
  • To assist the center in maintenance
  • To take the elderly on a trip to Mutter Museum

Personal Statements

“By being allowed to wake up every morning for most of this summer and be able to come to Journey’s Way was truly a privilege. I was able to assist the center in various housekeeping things. We handed out produce vouchers to the elderly population from the local area. But above all, I loved the part where I was able to interact with the elderly population on a day to day basis and understand their challenges, their history and above all their dedication to constantly learn and evolve despite facing the issues of declination of health and increase of age.” – Mohammed Junaid Alam

“My time at Journey’s Way was all about engaging the members in activities that were mentally stimulating. This group of seniors did not want to be occupied, they wanted to be engaged. I spent much of my time in spirited discussions and intense debates over current and past events. From these conversations, I was able to gain an appreciation for the knowledge one can gain over a lifetime, and observe how well intellect can be preserved at older ages.” – John Cugini

Journey’s Way: Resources & Programs for Seniors