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Publication Date


Community Partner

Gaudenzia: People With Hope

Community Preceptors

Ronda Blackson, Gaudenzia, Inc.; Michelle Woltz, Gaudenzia, Inc.

Academic Preceptors

Pat Lannutti, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine


Philadelphia, PA


Physical Fitness and Activity, Mental Health, Cardiovascular Health, Oral Health, Substance Abuse


Project Goals and Objectives

  • To educate the clients about aspects of healthy living such as nutrition, exercise and oral hygiene
  • To teach the clients about cardiovascular disease, diabetes and sexually transmitted diseases with a focus on HIV
  • To encourage patients to quit the use of tobacco through smoking cessation education
  • To present life skills that will aid in them in life outside of Gaudenzia and their addiction such as budgeting and health literacy
  • To generate discussion regarding the stigmas of mental illness and substance abuse
  • To help facilitate the recovery of the clients from their addiction

Personal Statement

"Working at Gaudenzia has been an invaluable experience for me and one that will surely influence my future career in medicine. I have heard countless stories and connected with some of the most amazing people, who continue to smile and persevere after coming from imaginable trauma. From the community of People With Hope, I have seen inspiring examples of courage, kindness and determination that I will never forget. I will take what I have learned, remembering to always stay humble and why I pursued a career in the medical field. I am extremely grateful for the time I have spent at Gaudenzia and hope that my presence has impacted the members of the community as much as being a part of this community has impact me."

You Are Your Brother and Sister’s Keeper: Gaudenzia, People With Hope