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Publication Date


Community Partner

Education Works

Community Preceptors

Joy Smith, Education Works

Academic Preceptors

Cathy Y. Poon, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy; Pat Lannutti, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine


Philadelphia, PA


Cardiovascular Health, Oral Health, Physical Fitness and Activity


Project Goals and Objectives

  • To educate students on heart health, oral health, healthy eating, and exercise
  • To create a safe learning environment for the children
  • To support the children while considering their futures
  • To inspire the children to achieve their dreams

Personal Statements

“The days at Robert Morris Elementary allowed me a unique experience to learn about the community. Though many of the children have already gone through so many struggles, their uplifting spirits and amazing strength were inspiring and will remain with me for a long time. ” –Christine

“Spending the summer interacting with and teaching impressionable middle school children from urban schools in Philadelphia has truly changed my perspective on more than just medicine. This experience has greatly expanded my horizons and has allowed for me to take another step forward towards my goal of becoming a better future physician.” ‐Brandon

Shaping the Future Generation: Education Works