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Publication Date


Community Partner

Smith Memorial Playground

Academic Preceptors

Pat Lannutti, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine


Philadelphia, PA


Physical Fitness and Activity


Goals and Objectives

  • To encourage free, unstructured play in order to assist in healthy development of imagination, creativity, and motor skills
  • To educate inner city youth on the nature that surrounds them
  • To engage in community outreach for children in the North Philadelphia region
  • To develop a link between Smith Memorial Playground and the community it encompasses
  • To provide Smith with the voice of the community to allow them to develop an optimal play space

Personal Statement

“Over this summer I have learned that play is an absolute necessary part of healthy growth and development for children. I have thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the kids and reminding myself of the clients I will one day serve. This experience has made me aware of my own privileges and emphasized that we all have our own unique stories.” – Kelsey Hayden

“This summer has been less about diversifying myself in preparation for my future patients, but more about enlightening the youth on their possibilities for their own future. Coming from a low income community, I have heard a lot of how we “can’t” do something and how the obstacles were too high and difficult to overcome. I used my past experiences to help elevate the children we worked with so they could move past their own obstacles. I hope during this summer, I was able to impact at least one child in seeing that they can do anything if they put their mind to it.” – Leyland Robinson

Smith Memorial Playground: Encouraging Imagination, Creativity, and Free Play