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Community Partner

Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse


Philadelphia, PA


Cardiovascular Health, Oral Health, Physical Fitness and Activity


Goals and Objectives

  • To facilitate unstructured play
  • To promote oral and cardiovascular health
  • Unplug from Technology
  • To stimulate personal growth and development
  • To engage the community

Personal Statement

"Something poignant I have taken from the experience how socio-economic status does not equate to happiness. The children we interacted with were blissful and just to loved to run around and have fun, despite their life struggles." --Stephen

"I have lived in Philadelphia area for my entire life but have neved interacted with the diverse populations that Smith serves. Bridging the Gaps provided me with the opportunity to understand the obstacles that these populations face every day. As a future physician it is vital to have a deep understanding of the population that I will serve. Bridging the Gaps allowed me to do this." -- Mike

"I have become increasingly more sensitive to the underprivileged populations we have come to know over this past summer. I hope that I have enhanced the lives of my clients as much as they have impact on my own life. My involvement with play and children has helped prepare me to work with yough as a future healthcare professional." -- Allison

"Although the mission of the program was to provide a service to a population in need, I believe I received in return more than what I provided my clients. I learned about the importance of working in solidarity with my fellow man an women to identify and mutually combat a community issue. I am confident that this experience will help to prepare me to continue to serve a medically underserved population as a future physician." --Luke

Promoting Play: Smith Memorial Playground and Playhouse