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Community Partner

Gaudenzia: People With Hope

Community Preceptors

Michelle Woltz, Gaudenzia Inc.

Academic Preceptors

John Costa, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine; Denise Curran, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine; Jeannine Uribe, La Salle University


Philadelphia, PA


HIV/AIDS, Mental Health Care, Substance Abuse


Project Goals and Objectives

  • To educate clients on how to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle
  • To show how to enjoy substance free life
  • To help develop positive coping skills and build resilience as a part of the recovery process
  • to be part of a therapeutic community by providing emotional support
  • to provide in-depth information on HIV-AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases
  • To assist clients in achieving a successful rehabilitation
  • To act as a new source of information to the clients

Personal Statements

"Working at People with Hope is an experience that has positively impacted me. The past seven weeks has given me a better understanding of what a person with addiction goes through in order to recover. The residents of People with Hope have faced much adversity but have found the hope and the courage to turn their situation around. The residents have taught me to be more open , understanding, and patient with others. These are all valuable qualities that I will need to practice in my future as a nurse. Each resident has touched my heart in a different way, and I will truly miss the empowering energy that they brought to my day. I will never forget what I have learned while being part of the family at People with Hope, and I will carry a piece of each of the residents with me as I move forward not only in my career, but in my life." -- Kristin"In my daily work at People with Hope, I had a great opportunity to teach and educate the clients on a multitude of topics - including mental health, general health, HIV/AIDS/STDs, and life skills. During this time, I learned what it means to battle the disease of addiction and what kind of treatment occurs in a rehabilitation center. During the experience, I grew close with the residents while we spent time together, and in the end, they taught me as much as I taught them." -- Mal

"Working at Gaudenzia People with Hope this summer had been an unforgettable and transforming experience. I have had the priovilege of seeing the struggles that residents are going through when recovering from addiction . Listening to their life stories had been a truly humbling experience, and it allowed me to understand the difficulties and complexities of dealing with addiction and HIV. But most importantly, I had encountered so many unique individuals, and every day I learned something new from each and every one of them. Interacting with residents, getting to know them, and seeing their personal growth had been immensely rewarding and made every minute at Gaudenzia worthwhile. I ahve learned from them more than I ever expected. These relationships changed me - I have become a better and more empathetic listener, a more passionate advocate for those recovering from addiction, and looking forward to my future career, a more compassionate healer." -- Maria

Triumph Over Tragedy: Living in Recovery