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Publication Date


Community Preceptors

Michelle Woltz, MHS, CRNP, CARP, Sharon Herbert, RN

Academic Preceptors

Oliver Bullock, DO, Ronald Allen, MHA, Mary Kate McGinty, RPH, MS


Philadelphia, PA


Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Nutrition & Weight Status, Physical Activity & Fitness


Psychiatric and Mental Health | Substance Abuse and Addiction | Women's Health


Project Goal, Services, and Strategies

The BTG interns worked with the staff of People with Hope to identify and address the current needs of the unit’s residents.

  • Facilitated health education and psychosocial seminars for the clients at Gaudenzia
  • Instituted a weight loss program, part of heart-health initiative
    • with daily workouts: dance, circuit training, walking
    • with learning components: nutrition, weight loss, cardiovascular and mental health
  • Performed biopsychosocial assessments for incoming clients
  • Aided staff in routine daily duties

Personal Statements

“It has been a privilege to be welcomed into the clients’ lives and trusted with their stories. Witnessing first hand trauma, adversity, resilience, and recovery has been eye-opening and motivates me to work to become a compassionate professional that is best equipped to meet my patient’s needs.” - Aisha Uddin

“My experience at Gaudenzia has opened my eyes not only to the multiple dimensions of addiction, but also to the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in any successful treatment plan. I have learned that addiction cripples the lives of real people, real mothers, real children, and that one must always look at each individual story as unique. Professionally, I know my experience with the BTG CHIP will help mold me into a physician who is sensitive to the clinical needs of my future patients, but also one who can equip them with tools to address practical challenges they might face day to day.” -Chinwendu Opara

Substance Abuse Recovery: Mind, Body, and Soul