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Publication Date


Community Preceptors

Theodore Corbin, MD

Academic Preceptors

Oliver Bullock, DO, Ronald Allen, MHA


Philadelphia, PA


Access to Health Care, Educational Advancement, Literacy, Injury & Violence Prevention, Mental Health, Health Communication


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Public Health Education and Promotion


Project Summary

The BTG intern developed a curriculum to foster professional development, trauma informed peer education, and advocacy in clients that are ready to graduate from the Healing Hurt People program.

This curriculum will be used to enrich the current services offered, and support the professional growth of HHP clients so that they are prepared to be advocates for trauma informed practice in their communities.

  • Worked directly with young adults being served by the program to gain an understanding of the tools that they need to be successful in professional settings and to become leaders in their communities
  • Piloted lesson plans on Healing Hurt People clients
  • Made adjustments to the curriculum according to client needs

Personal Statements

"This summer I learned about the careful planning and attention to details that is required to develop a program that meets community needs, I was challenged to think of creative ways to foster professionalism and leadership skills in the young adults I was working with. While this work is challenging, I am continuously inspired by the resiliency of the young people Healing Hurting People serves. Despite the trauma and adversity that many of the young people have experienced throughout their lives, they have the incredible capacity to heal and desire to support the healing of others. I am confident that these young people are capable of being leaders in their community and advocates for trauma informed care."-- Leigh Jamison

Developing Future Leaders