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Publication Date


Community Preceptors

Jacques Louis, MS-ED

Academic Preceptors

Oliver Bullock, DO, Ronald Allen, MHA, Mary Kate McGinty, RPH, MS


Philadelphia, PA


Chronic Disease (Diabetes and Hypertension), Heart Disease & Stroke, Nutrition & Weight Status, Oral Health, Physical Activity & Fitness


Public Health Education and Promotion


Project Goals and Objectives

Increase awareness of health issues that affect healthy living, including nutrition, exercise, and dental health.

  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices
  • Prepare students for job applications, interviews and job-readiness
  • Promote behavioral modifications and lifestyle changes that improve health and functioning
  • Educate students about health risks associated with teen obesity

Personal Statements

“BTG CHIP has impacted the person I am today. I had the invaluable opportunity to work with someone from another healthcare field. It was quite eye-opening to see the lack of resources and information that exists in North Philadelphia just several miles from where I reside. My experience has cemented my aspirations to work in an underserved, urban population as a physician so that I may help others, like the students I worked with, live healthier and productive lives.” --Marissa Goldberg

“Bridging the Gaps provides an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Working as part of an interdisciplinary team helped me realize the importance of working with others. After being immersed in North Philadelphia’s community, I became appreciative of the cultural differences and similarities between those I served and myself. Working with adolescents that come from a different background proved to be a very rewarding summer experience." -- Marc Wagner

Preparing North Philadelphia's Teen Population for a Healthy Future