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Publication Date


Community Partner

St. James School

Community Preceptors

Victoria Cellucci, Laura Hoffman-Dimery, M-ED

Academic Preceptors

Oliver Bullock, DO, Ronald Allen, MHA, Joanne Behm, MSS


Philadelphia, PA


Access to healthcare, Educational Advancement / Literacy, Nutrition and Weight Status, Oral Health, Vision and Hearing, Immunization


Dental Public Health and Education | Public Health Education and Promotion


Project Goals and Objectives

These were derived collaboratively with community preceptors and with client feedback

  • To improving nutrition habits of the students and their families
  • To raise awareness of the importance of good oral health
  • To provide eye exams and eye glasses for students in need at little or no cost
  • To collect immunization records for all students in the school
  • To secure donations of first aid supplies to ensure the school has all necessary materials

Project Methods

The student interns facilitated health initiatives at St. James with various projects. Nutrition was addressed with fresh food donations to the community. Oral health was addressed through a presentation and distribution of oral health supplies. Eye health was addressed by connecting with a physician at Wills Eye Institute who will perform eye exams and donate glasses. Immunizations were addressed by calling families of students with outstanding records. Emergency health was addressed by securing a donation of first aid supplies for the school.

Promoting Advancement of Eye Care, Nutrition and Oral Health in Underprivileged Youth