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Community Partner

Institute for the Development of African American Youth (IDAAY), Inc., Out-of-School Time Summer Program, Ellwood Elementary School

Community Preceptors

Deborah Thomas

Academic Preceptors

Oliver Bullock, DO, Ronald Allen, MHA, Mary Kate McGinty, RPH, MS


Philadelphia, PA


Educational Advancement & Literacy, Environmental Health, Health Communication, Heart Disease & Stroke, Injury & Violence Prevention, Nutrition & Weight Status, Physical Activity & Fitness


Public Health Education and Promotion


Project Goals for Ages 6-10

One BTG intern led health awareness lessons and discussions on nutrition, exercise, and self-awareness:

  • Healthy food options
  • Healthy options for spices & sweeteners
  • Team-building smoothie-making project to promote healthy snack options
  • Yoga and yard games: kick ball, soccer, basketball, baseball, dodge ball
  • Anti-bullying discussions, spearheaded efforts towards anti-bullying campaign

Project Goals for Ages 4-6

One BTG intern led discussions and activities on nutrition, including:

  • Arts and crafts activities based on cardiovascular and oral health to learn about healthy foods and what makes those foods necessary for good health
  • Cutting out unhealthy foods, replacing them with healthy alternatives
  • Physical activities: yoga and yard play

Personal Statements

“Throughout my Bridging the Gaps experience, there were hardships and rewards. The hardest part was changing my point of view, to view challenges as rewards. The individuals I met at the camp made the experience worth it. I built relationships with the teachers that have grown to friendships, for which I am grateful. I learned a lot about the hardships of educators, who must “do a lot with what little you have”, and I thank you all for your work to educate our future. The children taught me plenty and I will miss all of those little people with lots of wisdom for their age.”--Kelly Flores

“My Bridging the Gaps experience was informative and challenging, helping put into perspective the difference between socioeconomic statuses. I gained a new perspective of how health care professionals and educators should approach students to maximize the gains from the lessons that are given. The challenges that I met helped me change for the better, realizing that, through patience and understanding, it is possible to make a difference. For many people, the difference may be big or small, but any positive change in the life of someone we help is worth it.” -- Kevin Mukalel

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