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Publication Date


Community Preceptors

Malcolm Ennels, Dorothy Gibbs, Toye Green, Theodore Howard, Michelle Woltz

Academic Preceptors

Oliver Bullock, DO, Ronald Allen, MHA


Philadelphia, PA


Heart Disease & Stroke, HIV, Mental Health, Responsible Sexual Behavior, Substance Abuse


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Public Health Education and Promotion | Substance Abuse and Addiction


Project Goal

The BTG interns worked with the staff of People with Hope to identify and address the current needs of the unit’s residents.

Services and Strategies

  • Full participation in daily routines of the unit, including therapeutic meetings
  • Developed and presented a series of reproducible health education seminars: HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes, cardiovascular health, mental health, nutrition
  • Created educational games for information review
    • “Health Jeopardy”
    • “Hepatitis C
    • “Bingo”
  • Worked directly with clients to promote self-advocacy in healthcare settings.
    • Escorted clients to physician visits around the city
    • Helped them learn to advocate for him- or herself
  • Researched and presented various community resources available to clients that may support maintaining sobriety as well as effectively managing their HIV and mental health outside of an inpatient setting, including literacy
  • Provided general wellness education to clients who had particular health issues, such as tuberculosis, Hepatitis C virus, Pneumocystis pneumonia, COPD, sleep apnea, asthma, negative effects of smoking

Personal Statements

“The BTG program allowed me to work with and learn about the hardships faced by a particularly vulnerable population in Philadelphia, and to facilitate an environment in which they could be educated about basic, preventive health care and health concerns relevant to them. BTG helped me realize the diversity of patient populations in Philadelphia and that each demographic has specific needs that must be acknowledged, dealt with and monitored so that patient care is available to all regardless of financial ability, making medical vulnerability a thing of the past.” -Amy Surti

“My time at Gaudenzia has quickly eliminated the bubble I had previously resided in and given me invaluable insight to community-based and city medicine. Issues like HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and mental illness are not always given the advocacy that they really need and I know my time at Gaudenzia has provided me with countless tools for interacting with patients from these populations. I’ve also learned that sometimes a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on can work wonders, that respecting someone is worth more than admiration, and that coping skills are a necessity in the field of medicine.” -Anna Bossert

Tapestry of Hope: Inspiration & Victory in the Face of Adversity