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Includes yearbooks from the DO programs, the former nursing school, and the Physican Assistant program. DO yearbooks were not published by the College between 1951-1953, and are missing from our collections for the years 1943, 1945-1949, and 1955. The Library will gratefully borrow copies of any missing years, digitize them, and return them to their owners.

DO Yearbooks (1925-2019)
Synapsis: Phildelphia Campus, 1925-2019; Georgia Campus, 2009-2015

Nursing Yearbooks (1937-1939)
(The Cranium: Osteopathic Hospital of Philadelphia School of Nursing, 1937-1939)

Physician Assistant Yearbooks (2001-2012)
(Philadelphia Campus, 2001-2012)

Virtual Yearbooks (2020-)
Photograph collections from years in which yearbooks were not produced.