Perceptions of Medicare Part D enrollees about pharmacists and their role as providers of medication therapy management

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Objective: To explore the awareness of Medicare Part D enrollees regarding medication therapy management (MTM) and to examine their expectations and perceptions of pharmacists in providing MTM. Methods: The Internet-based survey consisted of questions on respondent demographics, prescription-related behavior, awareness of MTM, and expectation and perception of pharmacists in usual roles and as MTM providers. Four open-ended questions examined expectations, trust, source of MTM information, and perceived benefit from MTM. Results: The sample of 504 Medicare Part D enrollees from California (mean age 72 years) used an average of 4.3 prescriptions per day. Awareness of MTM was low in this cohort (93% unaware). Trust in the pharmacist was centered on dispensing prescriptions. Expectation of pharmacists also revolved around product (>60%). Approximately 70% of respondents did not believe they needed MTM; however, 58% believed pharmacists were good candidates to provide MTM. Willingness to pay for MTM services was also low (31%). Conclusion: Medicare Part D enrollees' expectation and perception of pharmacists revolves around the dispensing function. The public, payers, and policy makers need to be educated to recognize and use pharmacists as cost-effective providers of MTM.

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Journal of the American Pharmacists Association





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This article was published in Journal of the American Pharmacists Association, Volume 48, Issue 5, Pages 648-653.

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