Neuropsychological assessment of preschool-aged children

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The neuropsychological assessment of preschool-age children (NPA-C) remains on the periphery of the assessment mainstream (Baron & Anderson, 2012) despite the fact that numerous neurological and medical disorders and some psychiatric disorders that occur in the early years of life often have associated neuropsychological difficulties that need to be assessed. Although NPA-C may include some of the same types of assessments in the same domains as typical developmental assessments, NPA-C are intended to assess these same domains in more detail and to assess neuropsychological domains that usually are not included in typical broad-based developmental assessments. This chapter discusses the domains that are covered in an NPA-C and tests that are available to assess the domains with preschool-age children. Also discussed are the clinical perspective and assessment processes and procedures required for reliable and valid assessment of preschool-age children as well as the limitations and challenges inherent in attempting to assess the neuropsychological functioning of preschool-age children.

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Psychoeducational Assessment of Preschool Children

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This chapter was published in Psychoeducational Assessment of Preschool Children, 5th ed, pages 375-398.

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