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BACKGROUD: Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2A (MEN2A) is a condition with inherited autosomal dominant mutations in RET (rearranged during transfection) gene that predisposes the carrier to extremely high risk of medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) and other MEN2A-associated tumors such as parathyroid cancer and/or pheochromocytoma. Little is reported about MEN2A syndrome in the Chinese population.

METHODS: All members of the 3 families along with specific probands of MEN2A were analyzed for their clinical, laboratory, and genetic characteristics. Exome sequencing was performed on the 3 probands, and specific mutation in RET was further screened on each of the family members.

RESULTS: Different mutations in the RET gene were identified: C634S in Family 1, C611Y in Family 2, and C634Y in Family 3. Proband 1 mainly showed pheochromocytoma with MTC, both medullary thyroid carcinoma and pheochromocytoma were seen in proband 2, and proband 3 showed medullary thyroid carcinoma.

CONCLUSION: The genetic evaluation is strongly recommended for patients with a positive family history, early onset of age, or multiple sites of masses. If the results verified the mutations of RET gene, thyroidectomy should be undertaken as the guide for better prognosis.

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This article was published in Medicine, Volume 96, Issue 3.

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