Cross-Cultural Interaction and Understanding: Theory, Practice, & Reality

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Despite the unprecedented numbers of immigrants (legal/illegal) and the multicultural explosion experienced in the most diverse country of the world, the United States of America; racist and prejudicial ideology still permeates. In order to thwart the expansion of prejudicial beliefs based on ethnic classification, it is important to create a venue for open, honest, and direct communication about what binds every human. Culture is the backdrop that undergirds life practices. It is through this framework that both thoughts and actions are filtered as individuals go about daily routines. The genesis of "Cross-Cultural Interaction & Understanding: Theory, Practice, and Reality" emphasizes making culture palpable and explainable. Through understanding culture and its relationship to psychological processes, educational attainment, interpersonal interactions, and healthcare practices, the ability to help and serve others is clearly defined

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Cross-Cultural Interaction and Understanding: Theory, Practice, & Reality


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