Ureteral segment replacement using a circumferential small-intestinal submucosa xenogenic graft

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We wished to determine whether small-intestinal submucosa (SIS) will epithelialize when used as a ureteral replacement material. An 11-mm segment of native ureter was excised from eight New Zealand White rabbits and replaced with an 11-mm porcine SIS graft, which was circumferentially wrapped around a ureteral stent. The SIS ureteral grafts were harvested at 11 days or 35 days postimplantation and examined grossly and by standard light microscopy techniques. Partial epithelialization with the ingrowth of urothelium, smooth muscle cells, and blood vessels was observed in the grafts harvested at 11 days postimplantation. The SIS ureteral grafts examined at 35 days postimplantation showed additional restructuring of the smooth muscle cell layer and more organized epithelialization in comparison to the SIS graft examined at 11 days. After 35 days of regenerative healing, elements of all three layers of the native ureter were observed within the collagen matrix of the SIS graft. No significant complications were observed, but all subjects (8/8) demonstrated mild intra-abdominal adhesions. Mild collecting system dilatations were observed in 4/4 (100%) of the animals harvested at 35 days and in 0/4 (0%) of the animals harvested at 11 days. We have this demonstrated in this preliminary study that SIS xenografts will epithelialize when used as a ureteral replacement material. The repair mechanism of these ureteral grafts occurred through a regenerative healing process rather than by scar formation. With further studies, this material may prove to be a useful treatment option in patients with ureteral injuries.

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Journal of Investigative Surgery





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This article was published in Journal of Investigative Surgery, Volume 14, Issue 5, Pages 259-265.

The published version is available at http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/089419301753170039.

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