Date of Submission


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)



Department Chair

Jessica Glass Kendorski, PhD, NCSP, BCBA-D

First Advisor

Katy E. Tresco, PhD

Second Advisor

Meredith Weber, PhD, ABPP, NCSP

Third Advisor

Sharron Russell, MSW, PsyD


This study examined the perceptions of school personnel regarding implementing mindfulness within the educational setting. This study explored whether school personnel perceived a mindfulness program as having a positive impact on students’ well-being and staff well-being. This study also examined school personnel’s perception of time, resources, and training to implement a mindfulness program within the education setting. One hundred five school personnel who currently work in school settings in Delaware and Pennsylvania participated in this study by completing an online survey pertaining to this topic. Results indicated that the majority of school personnel perceived mindfulness as having a positive impact on their student’s stress levels, academic performance, and decreasing disruptive behaviors. School personnel reported spending 0-15 minutes engaged in mindfulness instruction, and would implement it daily. There were inconsistent results regarding the perception of time required to implement mindfulness, with many reporting Neutral on having time to implement. School personnel reported that with training they would implement a mindfulness-based program and feel confident to implement a mindfulness-based program. Based on this information, school personnel should receive training and professional development regarding implementing mindfulness within the classroom and incorporating it into daily routine.