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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)



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Robert A DiTomasso, PhD, ABPP


The purpose of the current study was to determine the relationship between the overall campus climate with regard to mental-health problems, students’ perceptions of stigma, students’ perceived social support, and their decisions to disclose their mental-health problems on their college or university campuses. Data were collected from 223 participants between the ages of 18 and 59 years who identified as being currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program and who had engaged in disclosure and/or concealment in the 6 months prior to the study. The findings of the current study suggest that positive perceptions of campus climate are associated with students’ experience of regret for their disclosures. Also, students’ decisions to disclose their mental-health problems are positively associated with their decisions to disclose this information again in the future. Stigma had a negative effect on disclosure, making students less likely to disclose their mental-health problems in the future. Based on these findings, college and university campuses should have a unique responsibility to provide a welcoming and supportive environment within which students can feel comfortable to disclose their mental-health problems.

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Psychology Commons