Date of Submission


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


School Psychology

Department Chair

Robert A DiTomasso, PhD, ABPP, Chair, Department of Psychology

First Advisor

George McCloskey, PhD, Chairperson

Second Advisor

Terri Erbacher, PhD

Third Advisor

Jeffrey Kelley, PsyD


Problems related to adolescents who present with extreme anger, disruptive behavior, and aggression is an ever increasing concern for school officials (Christner, Friedberg & Sharp, 2006). There continues to be a need for effective interventions that can be utilized within the school setting to assist adolescents with anger management difficulties. This study examined changes in anger management difficulties and mindfulness for four high school students who participated in the Mindfulness-Based and Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Anger Management Program (Kelly, 2006). The data were generated through pre and post assessments with the State Trait Anger Expression Inventory, Second Edition Child and Adolescent (STAXI-2 C/A), the Freiburg Mindfulness Inventory, the Mindful Attention and Awareness Scale, student discipline records, as well as teacher, parent, and student surveys. Results suggest that all four students demonstrated a reduction in anger management difficulties and increased mindfulness after participating in the intervention.