Social media presence correlated with improved online review scores for spine surgeons.

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An accessible social media account was found in 28.1% of reviewed spine surgeons (19.1% had Twitter, 17.1% had Facebook, 7.8% had Instagram), and 47.3% of the cohort graduated residency after 2000.

- An office wait time between 16-30 minutes and greater than 30 minutes was associated with worse scores on all 3 platforms in multivariate analysis (all <0.05).

- Overall mean rating scores and the frequency of ratings and comments were favorable on Google (4.3, 12.8, 10.2), Healthgrades (4.1, 29.8, 11.4) and Vitals (4.2, 46.5, 16.5).

- Compared to physicians who were not on social media, having a social media presence was significantly associated with an increase in overall Healthgrades rating by 0.25 points and an increase in overall Google rating by 0.29 points (out of 5.0).


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