About This Journal

The mission of this quarterly, open-access and online peer-reviewed journal is to disseminate research and best practices related to integrated primary care, including assessment, consultation, intervention, and collaborative delivery models.

The disciplines covered in JIPC span primary care, internal medicine, family medicine, nursing, behavioral health, pharmacy, pediatrics, health professional education, healthcare administration, and social work.

JIPC accepts original research papers, reviews, meta-analyses, and case studies of interest to primary care professionals at graduate schools, academic medical centers, public health institutes, health systems, clinics, in private practice, and working at health-related community organizations.

Topics of high interest for JIPC include randomized, controlled trials of interventions within primary care for the treatment of chronic health conditions, evaluations of multidisciplinary programs generally and programs that promote better health and greater treatment engagement in traditionally underserved or hard-to-reach patient groups, behavioral health, observational studies of patient-reported or clinical outcomes, secondary data analyses, and multidisciplinary approaches to clinical care or in the context of graduate medical education.

At this time, there are no fees for the publication of articles selected for journal inclusion following peer-review.