Submissions from 2023


Increased SIRT3 combined with PARP inhibition rescues motor function of SBMA mice., David R Garcia Castro, Joseph R Mazuk, Erin M Heine, Daniel Simpson, R Seth Pinches, Caroline Lozzi, Kathryn Hoffman, Phillip Morrin, Dylan Mathis, Maria V Lebedev, Elyse Nissley, Kang Hoo Han, Tyler Farmer, Diane E Merry, Qiang Tong, Maria Pennuto, and Heather L. Montie

Incidental Findings Protocol Implementation at a Level-I Trauma Center: A Review of Patient Follow-Up., Sarah Martin, Andrew LoPolito, Larissa D Whitney, Ashley Fenninger, Kelly Bonneville, Ryan Ward, Shelby Graeff, Launick Saint Fort, Catherine T Brown, Virginia Miller, and Lindsey L Perea

Early VTE prophylaxis in severe traumatic brain injury: A propensity score weighted EAST multicenter study., Asanthi M Ratnasekera, Daniel Kim, Sirivan S Seng, Christina Jacovides, Elinore J Kaufman, Hannah M Sadek, Lindsey L Perea, Christina Monaco, Ilya Shnaydman, Alexandra Jeongyoon Lee, Victoria Sharp, Angela Miciura, Eric Trevizo, Martin Rosenthal, Lawrence Lottenberg, William Zhao, Alicia Keininger, Michele Hunt, John Cull, Chassidy Balentine, Tanya Egodage, Aleem Mohamed, Michelle Kincaid, Stephanie Doris, Robert Cotterman, Sara Seegert, Lewis E Jacobson, Jamie Williams, Melissa Whitmill, Brandi Palmer, Caleb Mentzer, Nichole Tackett, Tjasa Hranjec, Thomas Dougherty, Shawna Morrissey, Lauren Donatelli-Seyler, Amy Rushing, Leah C Tatebe, Tiffany J Nevill, Michel B Aboutanos, David Hamilton, Diane Redmond, Daniel C Cullinane, Carolyne Falank, Mark McMellen, Christ Duran, Jennifer Daniels, Shana Ballow, Kevin Schuster, and Paula Ferrada

Submissions from 2022

Use of Cold-Stored Whole Blood is Associated with Improved Mortality in Hemostatic Resuscitation of Major Bleeding: A Multicenter Study., Joshua P Hazelton, Anna E Ssentongo, John S Oh, Paddy Ssentongo, Mark J Seamon, James P Byrne, Isabella G Armento, Donald H Jenkins, Maxwell A Braverman, Caleb Mentzer, Guy C Leonard, Lindsey L Perea, Courtney K Docherty, Julie A Dunn, Brittany Smoot, Matthew J Martin, Jayraan Badiee, Alejandro J Luis, Julie L Murray, Matthew R Noorbakhsh, James E Babowice, Charles Mains, Robert M Madayag, Haytham M A Kaafarani, Ava K Mokhtari, Sarah A Moore, Kathleen Madden, Allen Tanner, Diane Redmond, David J Millia, Amber Brandolino, Uyen Nguyen, Vernon Chinchilli, Scott B Armen, and John M Porter

A Statewide Analysis of Pediatric Liver Injuries Treated at Adult Versus Pediatric Trauma Centers., Odessa R Pulido, Madison E Morgan, Eric Bradburn, and Lindsey L Perea

A Rare Case of Aspergillus Empyema Thoracis as a Complication of COVID-19 Pneumonia, V Williams, M Diamond, and Priyah Shah

Submissions from 2021

Tracheostomy dislodgement: Are obese patients at increased risk?, Ryan Wan, Hannah Shin, Courtney Docherty, Hamza Bhatti, Chelsea Spector, Brian Thai, Alison Muller, Anthony Martin, Krista Gile, Anna Liu, and Adrian Ong

The effect of the Affordable Care Act on rates on inpatient rehabilitation hospital admission in a mature trauma system., Mike Winter, Tawnya Vernon, Madison Morgan, Kellie Bresz, Alan Cook, Eric Bradburn, and Frederick Rogers

Outcomes of robotic esophagectomy, Amy Young, José María Alvarez Gallesio, David B Sewell, Rebecca Carr, and Daniela Molena

Submissions from 2020

Outcomes of Transcarotid Artery Revascularization and Carotid Endarterectomy at a Single Institution, Christopher A. Cappellini, Hong Zheng, Kathleen M Lamb, Renganaden Sooppan, James Coffey, and Robert Q Luo


Venous thromboembolism after penetrating femoral and popliteal artery injuries: an opportunity for increased prevention, Asanthi Ratnasekera, Odessa Pulido, Sandra Durgin, Sharon Nichols, Alicia Lozano, Danielle Sienko, Alexandra Hanlon, and Niels D Martin

Submissions from 2019

Fall Downs Should Not Fall Out: Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury in Geriatric Patients after Low-energy Trauma Is Common, Erika Flashburg, Adrian Ong, Alison Muller, Alicia Sherwood, Sara Wilhelm, Jared Zavilla, Anthony Martin, Laura Castor, Spencer Barbera, Reid Reinhart, Shane Layser, William McBride, Michael Romeo, and Forrest Fernandez


Using EMR to Implement and Track Compliance of a Unique Colon Bundle That Reduced Surgical Site Infection in Colorectal Surgery: A Single Institution Review, Leigh Gerson, Jessica Barton, Christina Monaco, and Lisa Baro

Laparoscopic Bilateral Inguinal Hernia Repair after Femoral-femoral Bypass, Michael B. Goldberg and Jessica Barton

Geriatric Patients on Antithrombotic Agents Who Fall: Does Trauma Team Activation Improve Outcomes?, Peter Hwang, Adrian W. Ong, Alison Muller, Amanda McNicholas, Anthony Martin, Adam Sigal, and Forrest B. Fernandez

Intussusception Caused by a Mesenteric Hematoma in the Setting of Trauma, Alice Lee and Asanthi Ratnasekera


Colorectal Cancer in Patients Under Age 50: Staging and Mortality at a Single Institution, Jaclyn Malat, Sarah Martin, Adrian Ong, and Michael Brown

Metastatic Medullary Adenocarcinoma to the Liver: 32 Years after Clinical Remission, Christina M. Monaco, Erika S. Mabes, Elizabeth Rose, Luis Velasquez Zarate, Nikhil Patel, Bradley C. Bandera, Pardeep Mittal, and Edward J. Kruse

Attitudes of Robotic Surgery Educators and Learners: Challenges, Advantages, Tips and Tricks of Teaching and Learning Robotic Surgery, S R. Turner, Jessica Mormando, B J. Park, and J Huang

Events from 2018


Standardizing the Operative Note: A Way to Improve the Quality of Data Collection to Optimize Patient Care, Kurt Bamberger, Leigh Gerson, and James Haran


Trends in Reconstructive Surgery Following Mastectomy at a Single Institution Between 2011 and 2015, Jessica Barton, Jaclyn Malat, Sergio Perez, and Michael T. Brown

Being Narrow Minded Is Not Always Bad: Focusing on Emergent Interventions in Undertriage Initiatives Improves Mortality Prediction, Stephen Klepner, Adrian Ong, Anthony Martin, Tom Wasser, Alison L. Muller, Adam Sigal, and Forrest B. Fernandez

Fulminant Soft Tissue Infection with Intestinal Ischemia Associated with Staphylococcus lugdunensis, Jaclyn Malat, Laura Rivera, Thomas Geng, Debra Powell, Vincente Cortes, and Adrian Ong

Does Antithrombotic Drug Use Mandate Trauma Team Activation in Awake Geriatric Patients with Intracranial Hemorrhage?, Jeffrey A. Moyer, Jharna Shah, Kevin Nowakowski, Martin Anthony, Amanda McNicholas, Alison Muller, Forrest B. Fernandez, and Adrian Ong