Minimally invasive retroauricular approach parotidectomy: A pictorial essay.

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The surgical approach to a parotid neoplasm has traditionally been taught through a modified-Blair incision. This approach results in a visible scar in the preauricular, retromandibular, and upper neck skin. Various modifications have been undertaken which aim to improve cosmesis either by decreasing overall incision length and/or relocation of the incision to the hairline via what is commonly described as a "facelift approach". We describe a novel minimally invasive parotidectomy approach which utilizes a single retroauricular incision. This approach eliminates both the preauricular scar as well as the extended incision in the hairline and additional skin flap elevation which accompanies it. Sixteen patients underwent parotidectomy using this minimally invasive incision and the excellent clinical outcomes are reviewed. The minimally invasive retroauricular approach to parotidectomy provides excellent exposure with no visible incision/scar in appropriately selected patients.


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