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Ankyloglossia is a controversial topic with no standardized treatment guidelines. A retrospective chart review was conducted to identify children who underwent lingual frenulectomy for speech and language impairment. Impairment severity was recorded pre- and postoperatively as mild, mild to moderate, moderate, moderate to severe, or severe. Variables were tested with chi-square analysis for their statistical relationship to improvements in speech and language. Children with preoperative moderate and moderate-to-severe speech and language impairment attained better speech and language outcomes after frenulectomy as compared with children with mild and mild-to-moderate impairment (100% vs 82%, P = .015). Sutured closure after frenulectomy was associated with better speech and language improvements (100% vs 83%, P = .033). One could consider observation of patients with mild and mild-to-moderate speech and language impairments. Sutured closure might result in better improvements in speech and language impairments. This pilot study sheds light on the potential impact of a larger study currently underway.


This article was published in OTO Open, Volume 3, Issue 1.

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