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The December 1954 issue of the Osteopathic Digest includes the following articles:

  • Class of 1958
  • The P. C. O. Position on A. M. A. Inspection
  • Dr. Levering Tyson Honored by Columbia
  • Medical Society Honors Dr. Pennock
  • Fifty Thousand More Seal Slogan for '54
  • Dean Mercer Conducts Program for Columbia
  • Professor Riceman at Lahey Clinic PG
  • Vision of the Future 75 Years Behind Time
  • Dog Research Hero Honored by Doctors
  • Correlative Cardiology Coast to Coast
  • C-22 Fills Rapidly for Thursday Classes
  • Pediatrics PeeGees Get Certificates
  • Dr. Swope - Founders' Day Speaker
  • Nixon Knows His DO's
  • Morocco Missionary Addresses P. C. O. - C. O. S.
  • OBS-GYN PG Course has Strong Faculty
  • E. S. O. S. P. is Launched with Flying Colors
  • Day-a-Week Proctology
  • American College of Osteopathic Internists
  • P. C. O. Family Fetes Frank Smith
  • P. C. O. Hospitals Feted at Historic Rose Tree Hunt
  • Dr. Drew - "Drawn from the Dawn"
  • Cressman and Kohn Named Staff Chairmen
  • Corporation Names Seven as Directors
  • P. C. O. at N. J. A. O.P. S.
  • P. C. O. Profs Conduct W. Va. Fall Program
  • Reed Speer First in State O. P. F. Drive
  • Invitation to Georgia
  • P. C. O. Fund Finalists
  • What is an O. P. F. Secretary?
  • Why Not Try Indiana?
  • Send Us More Good Students
  • Klein, '55, Tops in Cancer Test
  • Hazel Becomes Gail for Baumgaertels
  • J. A. Kline, '55, Wins with Academy Essay
  • P. C. O. Nurses Graduate
  • Dr. Barth Honored at Textile
  • College Opening on Devotional Note
  • A. A. O. A. Presidents Meet Student Wives
  • How It Feels when Carol Comes Calling
  • P. C. O. Family Cradle Roll
  • Letter from Jeanie, '49
  • Classified
  • A Date for You - January 29, 1955

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Philadelphia College of Osteopathy


Philadelphia, PA


Medical Education | Osteopathic Medicine and Osteopathy


Volume 21, Number 4

Osteopathic Digest (December 1954)