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The April 1956 issue of the Osteopathic Digest includes the following articles:

  • Alumni Day - June 9, 1956
  • Founder's Day Points Forward
  • Founder's Day Convocation
  • The O. J. Snyder Memorial Address January 28, 1956
  • A. O. A. Convention Courses
  • Brason, '89, Wins Medals Throwing Weight Around
  • OM Department Dines and Hears Fine Program
  • New Field Afar for Professor Cathie
  • Dean on Home Grounds
  • P. C. O. Head Marches in U. of P. Procession
  • Basler, Georgia Tech, is 1960 Leadoff Man
  • Across the Dean's Desk
  • Message From the Academy
  • Centurions and Super-Centurions
  • Dr. Bashline Offers Award for Senior Essay
  • Junior Aid Mardi Gras Spreads Glamorous Brush over P. C. O. Personalities
  • Alumni Board Plans Big Things for Future
  • P. C.O. AA Launches "Lost-Sheep" Drive
  • Founder's Day Inspires Annual Alumni Meeting
  • P. C..O. on A. O. A. July Convention Program
  • Living Memorials via O. P. F.
  • Alumni Day Welcomes '56 Into P. C. O. AA Family
  • John Weitzel, '51, Heads NCMAOPS Forward March
  • Now Hear This!
  • P. C. O. AA Committees
  • Geo. Gerlach, ,25 Honored by Lancaster Sportsmen
  • P. C. O. Pre-Convention PG's
  • WL Donates Lotta Linens
  • Director of Nurses Moves to Wilmington Memorial
  • Classified
  • Kids and Grownups Make Christmas Merry
  • Defunct A. M. A. Committee Escapes a Tough Problem
  • $100 from Ship 'n Shore
  • A. O. A. S. Meets in Davenport
  • School of Nursing Team Exemplifies Spirit of P. C. O.
  • OBS-GYN Department Honors Mrs. Edna Lear
  • 23 New P. C. O. S. N. Juniors Take Nightingale Pledge
  • Cradle Roll - P. C. O. Hospitals
  • $1000 Essay Contest on Maine Osteopathy
  • Mills Instills Missionaryism
  • WL Card Party Held at Wanamaker's
  • Cardiology Symposium Registers 52 Physicians
  • Cancer Symposium
  • Low Back Symposium Lures D.O.'s from Afar
  • Lapeer Bats .667 in PG
  • OBS-GYN PG's Out-Vote Home Team by 7 to 6
  • The Philadelphia Pre-Convention Instruction Courses

Publication Date



Philadelphia College of Osteopathy


Philadelphia, PA


Medical Education | Osteopathic Medicine and Osteopathy


Volume 21, Number 8

Osteopathic Digest (April 1956)