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The April 1954 issue of the Osteopathic Digest includes the following articles:

  • Announcement - Medical Director Hospitals of Philadelphia College of Osteopathy
  • Dr. Barth Looks Ahead - "Twenty Years From Now"
  • Founders Day Inaugurates TV
  • Dr. Jones Founders Day Address - The O. J. Snyder Memorial Address
  • P. C. O. Active in KC Conference
  • "Best Charity Ball Since Whiteman"
  • P. C. O. Men in Action at N. Y. S. O.S. Conference
  • Dr. Sailer Visits White House
  • Frats Guests of Trinity Club
  • Dr. Brandt Active in P. S. A. M. R. Campaign
  • P. C.O. 99, K. C. O. S. 84
  • Dean Mercer Takes Office - Dean Mercer Says
  • Dr. Eaton's A. C. O. S. Keynote
  • Osteopathic Day for Pre-Medical Students
  • O. P. F. Secretary at "Pre-O Day"
  • North Carolina Calling
  • February 13, 1954 - History is Made - Pre-Meds at P. C. O.
  • "Drawn from the Dawn" by Dr. Drew
  • Pillar of Osteopathy C. D. B. Balbirnie
  • To Fund Finalists - and the Fund Family
  • Auditor's Report
  • P. C. O. Bounces Back in Basketball
  • Osteopathic - Dental Approach
  • Alumni Association
  • P. C. O. Firsts
  • Dr. Tinley Honored
  • Kenton Needs Good D.O.
  • Membership Report
  • Colorado Calling
  • A. C. O. P. Regional Session
  • Dr. WeikeL '18, Passes
  • Dr. George W. Howard
  • Classified
  • Steamburg Opening
  • Christmas Party Stars
  • P. C. O. S. N. '56 Receives Caps in Impressive Ceremonies
  • The Cradle Roll
  • Alumni Day June 12, 1954

Publication Date



Philadelphia College of Osteopathy


Philadelphia, PA


Medical Education | Osteopathic Medicine and Osteopathy


Volume 21, Number 2

Osteopathic Digest (April 1954)