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A brief summary of the principles of Osteopathy, this book is a fitting introduction..Its philosophy rests on axioms; its practice on facts; its profession and its history on success. The axioms on which its philosophy is founded are: I. Everything composed of mechanical parts is subject to disorder among those parts. From this axiom there is no appeal. There is no exception to it. The solar system is not an exception, the eye of the beetle is not an exception, and the human body is not an exception. A corollary of this axiom is that the greater the number of parts, the more frequent should be disorder or lesion among them ; and there are a great many different parts to the human body. II. If anything depends on the order, then that thing will be deranged by the disorder. From the very first inadvertent experiment made by Dr. Still, the policy of correcting disorders was followed by good results, and was pursued only and solely for that reason. Other men seeing the good results that followed this policy insisted on being trained in it.

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