A Preliminary Study of the Effects of Liposuction Technique on Adipose-derived Stem Cell Viability and Abundance

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences

First Advisor

Denah Appelt, PhD

Second Advisor

Christopher Adams, PhD

Third Advisor

Marina D'Angelo, PhD

Fourth Advisor

Marcus Bell, PhD


The potential of stem cells to replace damaged or malfunctioning tissues has been studied for some time. Recent studies using adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (ADSCs) have shown promise for adult stem cells as a rich, clinically relevant population. Our lab has previously determined that the quantity and quality of ADSCs varies depending on patient age and sex, anatomical location of harvest and whether it was a previously treated site with lipoplasty. A clinicallyrelevant question is whether method of lipoplasty affects pluripotency of the stem cells. Our data demonstrate that whether cells were isolated from freshly processed lipoaspirate or frozen lipoaspirate, the overall cell viability and stem cell percentages were equivalent. In addition, our lab has shown that harvesting ADSCs using BodyJet and BodyJet with SmartLipo lipoplasty techniques produces a high yield of viable stem cells. Using established plating densities, corrected for stem cell viability measured by flow cytometry, we have cultured isolated ADSCs-confirmed by flow cytometry and microscopy-harvested with the BodyJet and BodyJet with SmartLipo techniques. The results suggest that BodyJet with SmartLipo is superior to the BodyJet lipoplasty technique for percentage of viable cells retrieved and that fresh tissue contains a higher percentage of stem cells than frozen tissue. These data are the first study to demonstrate a difference in ADSC populations retrieved based on lipoplasty technique utilized. This could have an impact on clinician choice of lipoplasty application for the surgeon wishing to utilize the ADSCs for another clinical application in the same patient.

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