Frequently Asked Questions

Who can contribute?

Faculty, students, staff, alumni, academic and administrative departments, research centers and programs are invited to contribute.

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These (documents, files, images, drawings, minutes) are interesting. Do you want them for DigitalCommons@PCOM?

Library staff will gladly review all offered content and consult with contributors, departments and other relevant campus entities to determine contribution standards. Acquisition policy is inclusive, not exclusive. Contact for information or assistance with submissions.

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I only have print copies. Can I deposit them?

Yes, if the material is appropriate for deposit. Library staff will convert it into digital format.

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What about copyright?

Library staff will assist with copyright research. If copyright restricts access to the full text of your work, posting the citation and abstract will represent your scholarly output and link to the source.

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What support is available for contributors and editors?

DigitalCommons@PCOM is supported internally by PCOM Librrary Staff. Contact for assistance with submissions.

External support is provided by bepress Digital Commons. The bepress website richly describes platform functionality and use:

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