PC-based multiparameter full-color display for tissue segmentation in MRI of adnexal masses

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Objective: Our purpose was to apply full-color composite generation methods to multiparameter MRI to assess the ability of the technique to quantitatively segment clinically important anatomic and pathologic tissues. Materials and Methods: With use of a personal computer with a 386 microprocessor and full-color (24 bit) graphics display capabilities, custom and commercially available image-processing softwares were applied to spatially aligned multiparameter SE MR image sets obtained from six patients undergoing diagnostic work-up for suspected adnexal or pelvic masses to generate intensity-based color composites. To quantitatively assess the ability of this technique to differentially segment anatomically and pathologically confirmed tissue types into unique color regions within the full-color spectrum, color image analysis was performed on the multiparameter color composites within each patient case, and the results were compared using 95% confidence intervals. Results: Based on the results of pathologic correlation and color image analysis, the generation of full-color composites represents a feasible technique for compressing the diverse tissue contrast data present in multiparameter MR images of adnexal masses. Conclusion: With this technique, it is possible to generate composites that simultaneously display uniquely color-coded anatomic and pathologic tissue information within the context of partially natural-appearing images.

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Journal of computer assisted tomography





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This article was published in Journal of computer assisted tomography, Volume 17, Issue 6, Pages 993-1005.

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