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Joel Levin showed promise as a physician even when he was a small child. The son of Abraham, he learned a great deal from his father when he was growing up. As a medical student, Joel assisted PCOM instructors in teaching OMM because he was so skilled at the art. After graduating from PCOM, Joel worked with his Uncle Jacob and showed great promise as a diagnostician. Sadly, he died a year after graduation. "I think that we were privileged to have the love, guidance and companionship of these outstanding men," says Karen Lottman, daughter of Abe Levin and sister of Joel Levin, and wife of PCOM chairman of the board Herbert Lottman. "They enriched our lives in countless ways and they will live forever in our hearts. I know that each of us will do our best to live up to the high standards that they set for us. I hope we will always be a credit to their beloved memory."