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Selective Evidence-Based Medicine Review

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Master of Science in Health Sciences - Physician Assistant


Physician Assistant Studies

Department Chair

John Cavenagh, MBA, PhD, PA-C


Objective: The objective of this selective EBM review is to determine whether or not Platelet Rich Plasma is efficacious in regrowth of hair in both androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata.

Study Design: Review of two blinded randomized controlled trials and one prospective cohort study. Populations studied were Adults over 18 with hair loss. All articles published in peer-reviewed journals in English.

Data Source: 3 articles found via PubMed and NCBI

Outcomes Measured: One prospective cohort study, and two randomized control trials evaluating hair regrowth after PRP scalp injections. Outcomes were reported by patient satisfaction, mean hair increase and hair regrowth in hair loss areas.

Results: Gentile (2015) enrolled 23 patients with androgenic alopecia, with 3 withdrawals. After PRP injection a mean increase in total hair density of 45.9 hairs per cm2 compared with baseline was observed at 3 months. Ginki (2014) enrolled 22 volunteers with androgenic alopecia, with 2 withdrawals. Hair densities were reported at monthly intervals with the highest reported at 4 months: 170.70 plus or minus 37.81 hairs. Trink (2013) enrolled 45 patients with alopecia areata, with no withdrawals. 60 percent of the patients in the PRP group had complete remission of alopecia as compared to placebo.

Conclusion: PRP injection for androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata is a simple, safe and cost effective treatment for hair loss or thinning.

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Dermatology Commons