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Associated Resources

The Commencement brochure for the Class of 1924 is available online: Thirty-Second Commencement


Pictured here (Top left to bottom right): Evan Beach, Robert Cole, B.T. Hudson, James Chastney, Ernest Henke, F.A. Long, G.O. Rossman, Lille Lancey, Joanna Stimson, Florence Magilton, Elizabeth Maxwell, Carlton Street, William Bugbee, Arvid Valdane, Walter Fasnacht, Lois Gorley, Ralph Champion, Sylvia Slifer, Valena Hadro, J. Ernest Leuzinger, George Lewis, L. Gardner, E. Altenderfer, M.M. O'Malley, A.E. Brandt, William Delp, Earl Townsend, A.E. Schmidt, J.E. Foresman, Alice Presbrey, Corydon Gowman, Harry Stegman.

Not Pictured: David Brocklehurst, Jane Duncan, Irving Ewart, Anthony Kelly, Margaret Leuzinger, Elsie Oswald, Lydia Thorburn.