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The December 1955 issue of the Osteopathic Digest includes the following articles:

  • Class of 1959
  • P. C. O. Family Party at Union League
  • From the Dean's Desk
  • P. O. A. Convention "Biggest and Best"
  • N. Y. S. O. S. Reelects Strong, Kaufmann, Cole and Ross
  • The Registrar's Desk
  • Fellowships at P. C. O.
  • Steskel, '56-'58 P. C. O.'s Authority on Europe
  • Student Council Prez Heads '56 CT Trainees
  • School Board Candidate Goes to School Instead
  • Meet Lieut. Wallace, '59
  • Pitt to USA to P. C. O.
  • Pre-Med Leader Goes D.O.
  • Addis, '59, Penn Descendant
  • National Sponsors Hospital Nursing Group Student
  • Coach Paul Snoke
  • Cradle Roll - P. C. O. Hospitals
  • New Linens by Women's League
  • Radio SOS Draws Blood
  • The Real Physician Never Stops Learning
  • Dr. Vergara Lectures to C. S. O. S. P.
  • Columbia Calls P. C. O. Dean Again
  • Drs. Evans and Daiber at Vermont Convention
  • Roth, '59 Busier than at Beaver
  • P. C. O. Students 10% Veterans
  • $50,000 Goal for Seals
  • Riverview Guys and Dolls
  • Hiram Athlete '59 Chairman
  • New Look at Allentown
  • The Scotts of St. Albans
  • Hands across the Land
  • On the Up and Up
  • Halin, '59, Sets New P. C.O. High
  • D.O. Motivation the Hard Way
  • How About Alaska?
  • Horse Show and Country Fair at the Rose Tree Fox Hunting Club
  • P. C. O. at Rose Tree, '55 Champion Program
  • P. C. O. Women's League in Emergency Aid Bazaar
  • Busy Happy Bridge - Camden County to N. C.
  • Women's League Presents
  • P. C. O. Heads at Allentown
  • Oregon Has Strong Bond with P. C.O. Fund Finalists
  • Alumni Office Moves Up
  • Fund Finalist Bunting has Home Dated from 1700
  • Fund - Finalist Dobritt
  • Hats off to NCMAOPS
  • Alumni Ass'n Roll-Call
  • Dr. Dorothy Jean Sivitz '49
  • Wert '56, a Churchman
  • Here's How Pioneers Caught the D. O. Call
  • Dr. Custer B. Long, '21
  • Good Boy "Mike"
  • Classified
  • Civil Service Okays D.O. City Physicians
  • Rothmeyer Florida President
  • Dr. Smeyne OSCNY Pres.-Elect
  • Hamburger Without -
  • Shall the Tail Wag the Dog?
  • Academy Honors Dr. Cathie
  • Dr. John Andrew Kline Tops All for Academy Award
  • Terry Hall, '54, at C. O. P. S.
  • Dr. Cathie at N. C. O. S.
  • Dean Chairs Rotary Session
  • Letter from New Mexico
  • Dr. Nairn, '21-'31, a College Official
  • P. C. O. Lecturer a Law Partner
  • N. J. A. O. P. S. Prez Has '59 Namesake
  • Dr. Kurschner to Head A. C. O. P.
  • Spot in Carnegie
  • Weather Bureau Chief in P. C.O. Hospital
  • Postgraduate Courses for Academic Year 1955-56

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Philadelphia College of Osteopathy


Philadelphia, PA


Medical Education | Osteopathic Medicine and Osteopathy


Volume 21, Number 7

Osteopathic Digest (December 1955)