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The March 3, 1930 issue of the Osteopathic Digest includes the following articles:

  • Thousands Attend Dedication of New College and Hospital Building
  • Seen at the Dedication of the New Buildings
  • George Washington's Birthday Assembly
  • Hospital Dedicated with Plea for End of Factional Wars
  • Am Fighting Common Disease Says Osteopaths' Speaker
  • Reception Committee, Ladies' Auxiliary
  • February Record Month in Dispensary
  • Research Society
  • Vice-Pres. of Board on Extended Trip
  • Dr. Boyd Talks to Lions on Osteopathy
  • A. O. A. Officers Confer with Local Committee
  • Dr. Pennock to Address N. J. Society
  • Osteopathy Downs Elizabethtown Five
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • A Card Party
  • Pictures of Some of the Facilities and Appointments of the New Hospital
  • Who's Who
  • Significance of the Dedication of the New Building
  • Women Organize for National Convention
  • Around the Campus
  • Hospital Census Reaches New High
  • Service Grows
  • Management of Colds
  • Tenth Annual Convention of the Osteopathic Association
  • Absent Treatment
  • N. Y. Osteopathic Bill
  • N.J. Legislation
  • Views of Some of the Facilities of the New Building
  • Correction of Osteopathic Lesions under Anaesthesia
  • Drexel Turns Back Osteopathy Rivals

Publication Date



Philadelphia College of Osteopathy


Philadelphia, PA


Medical Education | Osteopathic Medicine and Osteopathy


Volume 3, Number 7

Osteopathic Digest (March 3, 1930)