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Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences


Public Health


While there have been many innovations developed for those with physical disabilities in recent years, a multitude of unmet needs still remain. This review seeks to highlight designs, public policies, and other initiatives that have been established to assist this population thus far. Information has been curated from databases including, but not limited to, Pubmed and Policymap.

With the advent of new and affordable technologies such as 3D printing, it is now more possible than ever before to bring one’s ideas to life; from creating customized prosthetics to wheelchair attachments for water bottles and umbrellas, we are able to quickly realize potentials otherwise unlikely - and in turn, we have the capacity to make the activities of daily living more manageable for those with physical disabilities. In accordance with the principles of appreciative inquiry, first-hand discussions with those having physical disabilities have allowed for some insight into the current challenges they face. Their stories have inspired the following proposed design(s) presented in this review, some of which can be 3D printed, with the hope that these developments can help them navigate the world we live in just a little bit easier.

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