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Publication Date


Community Partner

Journey's Way

Community Preceptors

Rebecca Kochman, Director, Journey's Way

Academic Preceptors

John Costa, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine; Denise Curran, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine


Philadelphia, PA


Healthy Eating, Cardiovascular Health, Health Communication


Experience Goals

Throughout the summer, we worked with the Journey’s Way participants to highlight health topics of interest and engage the dependent adults at the day center through various interactive activities emphasizing the five senses.

We prioritized nutrition through all of our health presentation, offering ideas for foods that are accessible and healthful, targeting the health topic of that week.

Heart health was a topic of interest for Bridging the Gaps that we interwove at both the day center and main center through crafts and our health presentations, respectively. We also sought to include the importance of oral health through our health presentation on bone health.

Through the veggie voucher program, we hoped to be able to interact with seniors interested in accessing local produce without the barrier of cost. We helped to facilitate voucher distribution both at Journey’s Way as well as smaller centers without their own vouchers.

Though our presence at Journey’s Way was only through the summer, we sought to leave materials for future presentations through the provision of typed pamphlets filled with the outlines of our presentations, particularly the diseases we covered and the suggestions for care interventions and nutritional topics that correlated with the topic at hand. It is our hope that these materials continue to circulate to those interested and spread awareness of these important health topics.

Personal Statement

"My experience at Journey's Way has been much more than I expected. It's not until you get to know the people and see the connections between them that you can really appreciate the community of Journey's Way. Each day brought a new conversation, a new story that showed just how vital and inspired a place Journey's Way truly is. The enthusiasm that was brought to each health presentation made it a dialogue that allowed both the participants and us as interns to learn much more than the information we brought with us that day. Journey's Way has taught me that aging is not something to feat, but something to aspire to with the love and support of family and friends." --Lindsay

"Bridging the Gaps afforded me the opportunity to understand the value of education thru experience. Working with seniors helped me to negate some of the stereotypes associated with agin and my own bias learned from the nursing home setting from the eyes of a child. Journey's Way allowed me the opportunity to embrace aging with open arms and to understand that I may have limitations as I get older but that should not stop me. These seniors had a different perspective and appreciation for the world. They were beyond knowledgeable on all topics and taught Lindsay and I sao much." -- Allanda.

Journey's Way