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Publication Date


Community Partner

Healthy Philadelphia

Community Preceptors

Carol Rogers, Director, Healthy Philadelphia

Academic Preceptors

John Costa, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine; Denise Curran, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine


Philadelphia, PA


Access to Healthcare, Health Communication, Chronic Disease


Project Goals

  • Evaluating patient eligibility at HC10 for health insurance, specifically Medicaid
  • Processing documentation and applications
  • Assisting patients with insurance related matters

Personal Statement

"I had originally wanted to become a part of Bridging the Gaps to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and concerns of the underserved. I realized that while patients' backgrounds, medical condititions, and treatment plans made them diverse, theri desire to feel like someone had cared about them was universal. Although I have had the privilege to help this community, what I have received in return is far greater than what I could have fathomed. Bridging the Gaps has solidified my desire to direct my career towards community medicine, perhaps, working in a federally qualified health center, like HC10." -- Nicole.

Healthy Philadelphia: Increasing Access to Care in Philadelphia