Becoming a Responsible Adult: Bridging the Gap from Adolescence to Adulthood

Becoming a Responsible Adult: Bridging the Gap from Adolescence to Adulthood

Song Oh
Haley Pearlstein, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Project Goals and Objectives

  • To create a specialized summer program designed to expose and prepare adolescents for life as responsible adults
  • To foster a sense of professionalism
  • To educate adolescents on the importance of a healthy diet and its long term effect
  • To expose adolescents to various career options
  • To inspire young adults to take responsibility for their future

Personal Statements

“The BTG program definitely opened my eyes to the different backgrounds, races, and socioeconomic factors that affect a large population of Philadelphia. I realize now that not everyone can pursue higher education and how early career preparation can bring many positive outcomes in building their future. Designing workshops and working with adolescents have been a challenge but a great way to experiment and to show my creativity. This summer has been a remarkable learning experience that I will carry on throughout my career.” -Song Oh

“Before beginning BTG, my knowledge of the educational and financial disparities across Philadelphia was limited to impersonal statistics. Throughout the summer, I gained not only familiarity with the facts, but with those who are affected by them. This personal growth along with the Wednesday weekly speakers helped synthesize a desire within me to help change the existing conditions that marginalize certain parts of our society. I hope that I have touched and changed my campers in some way because I know that they have changed me.” -Haley Pearlstein